Intime Study Advisors is one of the most trusted names in Pakistan which helps students to get
admission in low cost universities,average cost universities and high cost universities for MBBS in
China.Founded in 2016,Intime Study Advisors has been contributing in the society by providing the
safest and fastest service to students all over the globe especially students from Pakistan.

When we look back to our past,it makes us proud that we have been working so efficiently,working with well reputed
universities only.Following the lead students have been shaping their future and chasing the

Some of the universities where we send our students and which we believe the universities with
best education system,professional teachers, high tech labs and sound libraries include Jiangxi
University of Traditional Chinese medicine,Hainan Medical University,Weifang Medical University and
Nanchang University etc. These universities are recognized globally and are best in studies.