Jining Medical University

Jining Medical University

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Founded in 1952, Jining Medical University is a provincial comprehensive university with profound academic strength. The school currently has Jining Taibai Lake Campus, Rencheng Campus and Rizhao Campus, covering a total area of 1.15 million square meters and a building area of 670,000 square meters. It is co-constructed with Jining National High-tech Zone as a teaching technology park. The total value of the school’s fixed assets is 1.73 billion yuan, of which the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 250 million yuan, and the total number of books in the library is more than 3.6 million.

Jining Medical University currently has 6,165 faculty members. There are more than 90 people including famous national and provincial teaching teachers, outstanding teachers, “Taishan Scholars” overseas experts, experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, model workers, winners of the May 1st Labor Medal, and outstanding young and middle-aged experts; Chairman of the Behavioral Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Chief Scientific Communication Expert in the field of Chinese Behavioral Medicine, Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Behavioral Medical Association, Chairman of the Shandong Provincial Forensic Medicine Professional Committee, Chairman of the Shandong Medical Association Behavioral Medicine Branch, Ministry of Education.

The university has 19 teaching units such as the basic medical school and clinical medical school, and has 33 undergraduate majors such as clinical medicine, preventive medicine, and forensic medicine. Disciplines, undergraduate education, postgraduate education, continuing education, international student education, and the coordinated development of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools have a multi-level school structure.

Jining Medical University recruits students from 28 provinces (cities, districts) across the country. There are 16,732 full-time students. The employment rate of ordinary college graduates remains above 96%, and the postgraduate admission rate is at the forefront of similar institutions.

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Why choose Jining MedicalUniversity ?

  • Jining Medical University founded in 1952, is a general undergraduate medical college in Shandong Province.
  • The school currently has Jining Taibai Lake Campus, Rencheng Campus and Rizhao Campus
  • Jining Medical University currently has 6,165 faculty members. .
  • Jining Medical University recruits students from 28 provinces (cities, districts) across the country.
  • It has built cooperation with more than 10 international universities and research institutes.
  • The library of JMU has a collection of 3.6 million books.
  • Medical Graduate students from Hunan Normal University are eligible to apply for NLE, USMLE (America), PLAB (England), AMC (Australia), GMC, WFME, FMGE & ECFMG Certifications.
  • Jining Medical University has 2 directly affiliated hospitals, 16 non-affiliated hospitals, and more than 170 practice teaching bases. 


  • The qualified applicant should be over 18-Year-Old.
  • The minimum marks of all subjects should be 60% or above.

Fee Structure for September 2024-2025 Intake:

  • Application fee 1,000 RMB (Approx. 150 U$D) Non-Refundable after issuance of Admission Letter.

  1. Tuition Fee: 13,000  RMB
  2. Hostel Fee:  3,600 RMB
  3. Management and Service Charges: 13,500 RMB
  4. Medical Checkup,Visa Extension, Insurance, Bedding, Registration Fee: 1700 RMB
  5. Payable in RMB: 31,800 RMB
  6. Total in U$D: 4360 U$D ( Approx.)
  1. Tuition fee 20,000 RMB
  2. Hostel fee 3600 RMB
  3. Health insurance, visa extension 1200 RMB
  4. Total in RMB 24,800
  5. Total in U$D 3400$ ( Approx.)

Documents Required:

  • Passport
  • Passport Size Photo (White Background)
  • SSC Mark sheet/Junior high school document (grade 10th)
  • HSSC Mark sheet/Senior high school document (grade 12th)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Application Form
All the Documents should be in clear scan form

About City

The city lies in the southern part of Shandong Province, at the convergence of Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Anhui. It is bordered by the famous ‘Peony Town’, Heze. Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province lies south of Jining which is separated by the Yellow River from Liaocheng in the northwest corner. Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, is about 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Jining.

Jining is also an important birthplace of Chinese civilization with many historical sites. Confucius, Mencius and other Chinese sages were born here and the Confucianism spread from here to around China. Today, you can still see the Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Confucian Family Mansion. The Temple of Confucius has more than 460 ancient buildings from palaces, halls, terraces to pavilions arranged in a symmetrical structure. Many historical relics can be seen in the Family Mansion such as porcelains, ivory carvings, jade carvings and robes. In addition to the 2 highlights, the Beijing – Hangzhou Grand Canal, built more than 720 years ago, is still navigable in Jining with a shipping capacity of 100 million tons. The Canal shows wonderful scenery and leaves many cultural relics.

Today, Jining is one of China’s Outstanding Tourism Cities, Charm Cities with Chinese Characteristics and cities with the largest potential and investment value.

Jining City has convenient transportation and is the transportation hub that connects the East to the West and the North to the South in Chinaand the main channel of South-to-North Water Diversion.  Jining has set up various kinds of libraries, art centers, cultural centers, museums, memorials, exhibition halls. Influenced by Confucian culture, Jining advocates education, with integrity, loyalty, hard-working.


In Wuhu, the summers are hot, oppressive, wet, and mostly cloudy and the winters are very cold and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 31°F to 90°F and is rarely below 24°F or above 96°F.

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