MBBS in Nanchang University

Nanchang University (NCU; simplified Chinese: 南昌大学; traditional Chinese: 南昌大學; pinyin: Nánchāng Dàxué) is a public research university and has also been recognized as a National Key University in the nation. Based on the new plan initiated by Chinese Ministry of Education in 2017, NCU has been listed as one of nearly 140 Double First Class Discipline Universities in the mainland China.

Why choose Nanchang University?

  • Nanchang University is located in the capital of Jiangxi province,Nanchang city and facilities provided to international students are outstanding.Nanchang city is the city full of mountains,rivers,valleys and human made skyscrapers just add the beauty to its core.
  • Teachers are from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Africa who are well trained and understand the teaching pattern of for each student.
  • Halal food is easily avaliable for Muslim Students.
  • Mosque is just 15 minutes away from the campus for Muslim students and teachers and easily approacable through bus.
  • Safe and Secure furnished separate hostels are available for Boys and Girls , Security Cameras are installed as well to provide Secure environment.
  • Seniors are very cooperative with freshmen.
  • Muslim & Halal food is available for Muslim Students.
  • There are special playgrounds for football,cricket,tennis,bedminton,table tennis,basketball,volleyball and a gym for keen bodybuilders inside the campus.
  • Students getting admission in Nanchang University can also apply for full scholarships.
  • Nanchang University ranks #1 in Jiangxi region.
  • Metro Station is very near to the campus which has access to all city.

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Fee Package of Nanchang Medical University for Pakistani, Africans Students September intake 2023-2024

  • 1st Year Fee Package: 35,500 RMB (Approx. 5,200 U$D)
  • 2nd Year to Onward Fee: 26,650 RMB(Approx. 3,900 U$D)
Description 1st Year 2nd year to Onward
Tuition Fee 13,000RMB 20,000RMB
Hostel Fee 4600RMB 4,600RMB
Management & Service Fee 15,850RMB Nil
Resident Permit/Medical Checkup/Insurance Fee 2050RMB 2050RMB
Total in RMB 35,500RMB 26,650RMB
Total in U$D (Approx) 5,200 U$D
3,900 U$D

Students can do internships (last 6th year) in home country or in the affiliated hospitals of Nanchang University.

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Fee Package of Nanchang Medical University for Pakistani, Africans Students September intake 2022-2023

  • 1st Year Complete Fee Package: 28,850 RMB (Approx. 4450 U$D)
  • 2nd Year to 6th Year (every year):27,050RMB(Approx. 4200 U$D)
1st year fee package 2nd year to 6th year 
Tuition: 13,000RMB Tuition: 20,000RMB
Hostel: Nil Hostel: 4600 RMB
Development fee: 15,850RMB Resident permit, medical, Insurance: 2050RMB
28,850RMB (Approx. 4450 U$D)
26,650RMB (Approx. 4200 U$D)
Students can do internship (last 6th year) in home country or in the affiliated hospitals of Nanchang University.

Documents Required & Admission Procedure in Nanchang University:

  • SSC Mark sheet/Junior high school document (grade 10th).
  • HSSC Mark sheet/Senior high school document (grade 12th).
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form.
  • Passport First page in Scan form.
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • One photo with white background.
  • Application form of the university.
  • Students having HSSC (Pre-Medical) / Senior High School with 60% Minimum Marks.

Special notes:

  • All the fee must be charged in RMB or according to the conversion rate on arrival in university.
  • Hostel fee, visa, medical checkup and health insurance fee is not included in 1st year fee package due to online classes and shall be paid accordingly upon arrival.
  • Students will pay for stationary, electricity charges and water bill themselves.
  • Food expenses are approx. 1000 RMB to 1200 RMB / Month.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded. Student will follow the rules and regulations of the NMU.
  • Pakistani & Indian Students will follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council & Indian Medical Council’s Policy Respectively.

Nanchang University Programmes:

The University offers more than 82 undergraduate programmes out of 12 Chinese academic disciplines including Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Management, and Arts. These undergraduate programmes have an enrollment of more than 35,000 full-time students.

The University also offers various graduate programmes which are being administrated by Graduate School. Currently, there are more than 20 PhD/MD programmes and 175 Master’s programmes with a student body of nearly 15,000.

There are currently 8 post-doctoral programmes approved by the Ministry of Education including material science and engineering, food science and engineering, mechanical engineering, clinical medicine, environmental science and engineering, biology, management science and engineering, chemical engineering and technology.

Joint programmes are also offered together by the University and other collaborative institutions from abroad. Here is the link for accessing exchange programmes that have been established:

Nanchang University Faculties and Schools

Currently, NCU hosts the Graduate School and five major faculties including

Nanchang University Faculty of Humanities:

  • School of Humanities
  • School of Journalism and Communication
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Art and Design

Nanchang University Faculty of Social Sciences

  • School of Law
  • School of Public Policy and Management
  • School of Marxism
  • School of Economics and Management
  • School of Tourism Studies
  • School of Sports and Physical Education
  • School of Management

Nanchang University Faculty of Science & Technology (Division I)

  • School of Material Science and Technology
  • School of Sciences(mathematics, chemistry, physics etc.)
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Information Science and Technology
  • School of Software

Nanchang University Faculty of Science & Technology (Division II)

  • School of Food Science and Technology
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • School of Environmental Science and Chemical Engineering

Jiangxi Medical College (, also internally recognized as Faculty of Medicine

  • School of Basic Medical Sciences
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Dentistry (Jiangxi Dental Hospital;
  • School of Ophthalmology & Optometry
  • The First Clinical Medical School (The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University;
  • The Second Clinical Medical School (The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University;
  • The Third Clinical Medical School (The Third Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University;
  • The Fourth Clinical Medical School (The Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University;
  • Joint Programme in Biomedical Sciences (jointly offered by Queen Mary University of London & Jiangxi Medical College)
  • Center for Laboratory Animal Science

Nanchang University Research:

NCU is a public research university where most of research activities are being conducted in Qianhu Campus and Qingshanhu Campus. With varying funding sources from National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Fund of China, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education, and Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, NCU has established and is operating more than 50 national and provincial key laboratories and research centers, and 60 basic training centers and professional labs. In addition, Jiangxi Medical College has a strong research orientation with tight collaboration with its 13 highly-ranked affiliated hospitals throughout the province. These hospitals serve as primary teaching hospitals for the students of Jiangxi Medical College.

World-class Disciplines (sponsored by Double First Class University Plan of the Ministry of Education): Material Science and Technology

National Key Disciplines:

Food Science, Materials Physics and Chemistry

National Key Disciplines (incubation):

Materials Process Engineering

National Key Clinical Specialties:

Gastroenterology, Neurology, Cardiology, Critical Care Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Burn Surgery, Pain Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Vascular Surgery

Top 1% Disciplines in the World by Essential Science Indicators (ESI):

Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Agricultural Science (including Food Science), Engineering, Material Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Representative Research Clusters of Excellence:

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