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    Procedure to apply for MBBS in China:

    1. Choose the university.
    2. Send us your basic scanned documents on Whatsapp/Email or Apply online.
    3. Pay initial application fee and send us the payment reciept online/email/whatsapp for our record and for your own record, and wait for for 8-10 days to get admission notice.
    4. Submit some additional documents asked by our authorized agent and wait for 21-25 days to get Jw202/visa letter.
    5. Clear management,development and service fee after getting Jw202 scan copy before arrival to the university and then you can take Jw202 from our office or it will be sent to you address.
    6. Take instructions from our authorized agent to book flight with other students.
    7. Our authorized guide will pick you up from the airport and will take you to the university,will help you to submit the fee,get hostel room and do the registration.

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