Binzhou Medical University

Binzhou Medical University

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Binzhou Medical University  is a prestigious university for the application of talents in Shandong Province. The predecessor was the former National Shandong University Medical College, which was founded in 1946. It was independently established as Qingdao Medical College in March 1956. It was relocated to Huimin, Shandong Province in October 1970 The district office was set up in Beizhen to set up a school. The Beizhen Branch of Qingdao Medical College was established in November 1974. In September 1981, it was renamed Beizhen Medical College. At present, the school has developed into a provincial undergraduate medical school with advantages in medical disciplines, rehabilitation medicine, special education, and multidisciplinary disciplines such as medicine, science, engineering, management, and education.

In 1985, Binzhou Medical University founded China’s first undergraduate program (Second Department of Medicine), which specializes in recruiting young people with disabilities. It pioneered higher medical education for the disabled in China and became a landmark event in the history of the development of disabled education in China. Recruiting visually impaired students in 2012, and hearing impaired students in 2018, filled the gaps in the education of visually impaired and hearing impaired students at medical colleges across the country. For more than 30 years, we have explored and formed the “Binzhou Medical College Model” for the training of disabled persons with “disability integration, integration of education and health, and integration of learning and use”, and trained 1,134 medical professionals with disabilities for the society. The pattern of “coordinated development of talent training and professional talent training for the service of the disabled” has made positive contributions to the advancement of the country’s progress and civilization. 

Binzhou Medical University currently has two campuses in Yantai and Binzhou, covering an area of 1616.8 acres, with a total construction area of 637,000 square meters; a total asset value of 1.25 billion yuan, a total value of 233 million yuan for teaching and research equipment; 2.4 million volumes of books in the library; There are 2 top-level affiliated general hospitals, 19 non-direct affiliated hospitals, 14 teaching hospitals, and more than 140 practical teaching bases; more than 28,000 beds for teaching practice. Binzhou Affiliated Hospital is a regional medical center in Shandong Province, with a construction area of 180,000 square meters, a total asset value of 1.54 billion yuan, a total value of equipment and equipment of 480 million yuan, and 2,930 planned beds. The affiliated hospital of Yantai has a construction area of 255,000 square meters and planned 2,200 beds.

 Binzhou Medical University currently has 6,686 faculty and medical staff (including 2 directly affiliated hospitals), including 1,098 full-time teachers; 203 professors (including those with positive senior professional and technical positions), and Associate Professors (including associate senior professional and technical personnel ) 492 people; 352 doctors, 1649 masters.

Binzhou Medical University has successively worked with the University of Alabama in the United States, the University of Western Scotland in the United Kingdom, the Charlotte Medical University in Berlin in Germany, the University of Strasbourg in France, the National Life Science Centre in Sweden, the Eurasian Pacific University Alliance in Austria, and Karelia in Finland. Forty universities and medical institutions  have established friendly exchanges and cooperative relations, and have achieved personnel exchanges, joint graduate training, joint construction projects, scientific research, and collaborative innovation Better results.

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Why Choose Binzhou Medical University?

  • Binzhou Medical University is the public provincial university that came into existence in the year 1946.
  • Binzhou Medical University (BMU), a province-run institution, is one of the key medical universities in Shandong Province China not very far from the Capital Beijing.
  • BMU has two campuses, and they are in Binzhou and beautiful seaside city of Yantai respectively.
  • Medical Graduate students from Binzhou Medical University are eligible to apply for NLE, USMLE (America), PLAB (England), AMC (Australia), GMC, WFME, FMGE & ECFMG Certifications.
  • BMU offers 13 bachelor’s degree specialties, 12 masters degree and Doctoral courses.
  • There are 2 top-level affiliated general hospitals, 19 non-direct affiliated hospitals, 14 teaching hospitals, and more than 140 practical teaching bases
  • Binzhou Medical University has more than 16,100 full-time students, including more than 15,300 junior college students and 600 graduate students.
  • Binzhou Medical University offers international students comfortable on-campus hostel with great facilities.


  • The qualified applicant should be over 18-Year-Old.
  • The minimum marks of all subjects should be 60% or above.

Fee Structure for September 2023-2024 Intake:

  • Application fee 1,000 RMB (Approx. 150 U$D) Non-Refundable after issuance of Admission Letter.

  1. Tuition: 22,000 RMB
  2. Hostel: 6,000 RMB
  3. Management and Service Charges: 12,000 RMB
  4. Medical Checkup,Visa Extension, Insurance, Bedding, Registration Fee: 2000 RMB
  5. Payable in RMB : 42,000 RMB
  6. Total in U$D (Approx.): 5,900 U$D ( Approx.)
  1. Tuition: 22,000 RMB
  2. Hostel: 6,000 RMB
  3. Management and Service Charges: NIL
  4. Medical Checkup,Visa Extension, Insurance, Bedding, Registration Fee: 2000 RMB
  5. Payable in RMB : 30,000 RMB
  6. Total in U$D (Approx.): 4,200 U$D ( Approx.)

Documents Required:

  • Passport
  • Passport Size Photo (White Background)
  • SSC Mark sheet/Junior high school document (grade 10th)
  • HSSC Mark sheet/Senior high school document (grade 12th)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Application Form
All the Documents should be in clear scan form

About City

The city is located in the northeast of the Shandong Province. It is bordered by both the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, and lies across from South Korea and Japan. The boundless beaches, clear sea, fantastic islands, Penglai Pavilion famous as the place where the legend eight immortals crossing the sea occurred and the mirage make Yantai a famous tourist resort at home and abroad.
Yantai is rich in sea products and fruits, such as apples, pears and cherries. Wine is another special product. Yantai is titled international grape and wine city because it has the first Chinese industrial wine production enterprise – Zhangyu Company which has made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of the Chinese wine industry.

In 2004, China Central Television (CCTV) recognized Yantai as the most “Charming City of China.” Although Yantai is not a metropolis like Beijing and Shanghai, it has its own unique charm. Adding to the draw of local natural resources, the picturesque scenery in and around the city has earned the area acclaim by the United Nations, which lists it as one of the most habitable places in the world. Undulating hills rise above the area’s many rivers, and are framed by beaches and neighboring islands.

Fruits and vegetables are plentiful, and the long coastline and over 60 islands make the area ideal for any seafood connoisseur – sea-cucumbers, abalones, scallops, crabs and prawns, are all easily available. The earth here is rich with resources as well – its gold reserve, in particular, has the highest output in China.Local food here is well-known all around China. Local cooks take advantage of area’s abundant sea food, vegetables and fruits, creatively crafting tasty dishes. 



In Yantai, the summers are long, warm, humid, and wet; the winters are very cold, snowy, and windy; and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 24°F to 86°F and is rarely below 16°F or above 93°F.

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