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MBBS in China (Bachelor of Medicine,Bachelor of Surgery), always have been a dream of all pre medical students around the globe because some want to serve the humanity in best possible way and some wish to fulfill the dreams of their parents and family. China is a best destination among the students and it is growing rapidly. Students all around the world now like to join Chinese Universities to attain knowledge and to fulfill their study desire. For International students, the programs taught in English is getting more and more wide, like Study MBBS IN CHINA (Bachelor of Medicine,Bachelor of Surgery),, BDS IN CHINA (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), and programs for Master degree of Medicine, Master degree of Dentistry in English are also available in China. Many cities of China like Shanghai,Beijing (capital),Guangzhou(business fairs) ,Shenzen (window of the world) in China today are no less than Canberra, New York,Ottawa,Berlin and Tokyo as they are so developed and enriched with technology.The global students who are willing to acquire a bachelor degree in medicine find best destinations in China to get MBBS(Clinical Medicine) degree in CHINA.

China has one of the largest education system in the world. In June 2019, it was all on the news when China announced that there were 10.31 million students taking the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (Gao Kao) in China.

China has spent more than $685 billion on education nationwide and spend 4.11% of its GDP yearly.

On April 2019, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China announced that more than 490,000 international students were studying in China in 2018.World wide International students have been enrolled in over 1000 higher education institutions in China. China has a long history of providing education to the International students studying in high schools and universities in China. Over the past few years, the number of international students who wish to study abroad in China have been increasing significantly every year.

China has a consistent teaching development system.China gives a great deal of Respect and attention to the teachers. Teachers are fully trained in their subject matter and teachers spend a great deal of time observing all students of class. Once teachers are employed in school, there is an advanced system of induction and continuous professional development in which groups of teachers work together with master teachers on syllabus and improvement.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in China:

  • Students having 60% marks in FSC/Higher secondary/A levels can apply for MBBS in China.
  • Student must be between 17 to 25 years old to apply for MBBS in China.
  • No Entry test/MDCAT is required.

  • No IELTS required for MBBS in China
  • To get admission in any University in China, passport is necessary.You can also apply on the basis of passport submission receipt.
  • Only F.Sc Pre-Medical qualified students can Apply for MBBS in China.

Documents required for MBBS in China:

  • Passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Matric and FSC result
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • Medical Certificate.
  • University Application Form


1. Matric / Secondary school Certificate / Grade 10th

2. Fsc / Intermediate / Higher Secondary School Certificate / Grade 12th

3. Passport 1st and 2nd page in Scan Form

4. Medical Checkup (physical examination form)

5. Colored Photo Passport Size ( white background )

6. Police clearance certificate (from local police station)
After sending the above mentioned documents,university will issue admission notice of the student within
10 days.

After getting admission in China is made, your documents will be sent to Ministry of Education China (
MOE China ) for Jw202 Letter. Meanwhile, you have to prepare all the documents for the china study
visa including the passport. For visiting the Chinese embassy, you must have complete documents
required by the Chinese embassy in your country.
Additional documents:
Bank Statement
Attestation of Educational documents from IBCC/Ministry of foreign affairs.
How To Apply For China Student Visa from Pakistan?
Here are the Requirements for Study Visa by Chinese Embassy for the application:
1. Original Matric DMC ( attested by IBCC and Foreign affairs )
2. Original Fsc DMC ( attested by IBCC & Foreign affairs )
3. Valid Passport
5. Original Admission Letter & Original jw202 ( Invitation Letter by MOE China )
6. Affidavit
7. Original Police Certificate attested by Foreign affairs
8. 4 photos (33mm Width & 48mm Length with white background)
9. Bank Statement of Student/Guardian ( 5000 USD or above )
10. Filled Application form of Chinese Embassy
11. 2 Photocopies of all these documents.
With all these documents, your visa will be stamped with short Interview guided by Intime Study
Advisors. After that, you just have to buy a one-way ticket to China on our instructed dates with other
students so that a group of students can fly together and get oneself prepare for a new journey of life.
Our authorized guide will pick you up from the airport. Have a safe journey ahead!

Difference between Listed & Non-listed medical universities for MBBS in China:

There are 45 listed medical universities from China MOE (Ministry of education) offering MBBS in China directly in English medium, while non-listed medical universities offer MBBS(Clinical Medicine) in bilingual i.e Chinese and English medium,duration is same in listed and non listed universities i.e 5+1 years.In non listed there is a benefit that tuition and accommodation fee is less per year, has more number of foreign students and study of medical subjects is also in English language.

Is MBBS(Clinical Medicine) degree in China acceptable world wide?

* MBBS Degree acquired from a Chinese University is recognized world-widely due to WHO affiliation.

* Before choosing a university,students must check the WHO website to see if their selected university is WHO listed or not.Click on this link to check the university WHO affiliation for MBBS in China. https://search.wdoms.org/

Special note:

* Intime Study Advisors only offers WHO listed universities.



Many scholars throughout the world believe that the history of education in China can be traced back at as far as the 16th century BC. Throughout this long period, education was considered the part only for elites. Confucianism probably is the biggest influence in history of education in China.

Project 211 and 985

“211 Project“ was initiated by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 1995, it is a project aimed at increasing the research standards of high-level universities and cultivating strategies for socio-economic development. So far,this project has more than 110 institutions of higher education and from 1996 to 2000, approximately US$2.2 billion was invested in this project to high level universities. Nowadays, four-fifth hddb of doctoral students and one-third of undergraduates are trained by project 211 universities in China.

At the 100th anniversary of Peking University on 4th May,1998 the “Project 985” was announced by CPC General secretary and Chinese President Jiang Zemin , to promote the reputation and development of the Chinese higher education system by founding world-class universities in the 21st century.


MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is the professional degree awarded upon graduation from medical school in medicine and surgery by universities in various countries that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom. The naming suggests that they are two separate degrees. However,MBBS in China for Pakistani Students, they are usually treated as one and awarded together. The degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery are currently awarded in various forms in many parts of the world such as Guyana,Malawi, Hong Kong, in Australia, Bangladesh,Egypt, Fiji, Ghana, Iraq, the Republic of Ireland, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya,Singapore, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Zambia,Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria,the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone,South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, , the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.Well, MBBS in China studies is always the first priority by a potential international student due to its structure and affordability.


MBBS in China has been attracting international students for a long time who wish to pursue a career in medicine. China is now one of the leading countries in the medical field. After doing MBBS in China, international students can go to any other country of the world or can go back to their home countries to serve their nation. The Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China has decreased the list from 52 listed universities (2014) to 46 listed universities in 2020 for undergraduate medical education in English for international students wishing to study abroad in China. 7 universities were disapproved on the basis of their qualifications for recruitment of international students in MBBS program.

Medical schools in China must be recognized by the Medical Council of China and by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the directory of World Medical Schools. Foreign students can apply to Chinese or English taught MBBS programs in China. Students should check with medical council in their home countries for the list of recognized universities or medical qualifications.


Can student apply during Corona Pandemic for MBBS in China?

Currently, all world is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, however universities have decided not to effect the studies of students in any manner. Students wishing for MBBS in China can apply to the universities and universities will give them online classes in case flights operation do not become active till October 2022.As soon as flights operations become active, universities will issue Jw202 letter/visa letter to the students so that they can get visa from their nearest Chinese embassies and get  flights to their respective universities.