MBBS in China Fee Structure 2023

MBBS in China Fee Structure 2023

The cost of the MBBS medical program in China is very economical compared to local Pakistani universities as the acceptance rate of Pakistani students in local universities is only 7% per annum due to which many deserving and intelligent students miss the opportunity. MBBS admission in China is very easy as long as the Chinese university is included in the PMC approved list of Chinese medical universities.

Intime Study Advisors offers the best and top Chinese medical universities for Pakistani, African, international students. We are official and authorized MBBS China education consultants to accommodate international students from all over the world pursuing MBBS in English.

There are more than 200 medical universities offering MBBS/BDS in English/Bilingual and only 45 universities that are MOE-listed universities for MBBS/BDS in English. MBBS in China is a low-budget university with quality medical education and international standard medical degrees. Only a few universities have the highest fee packages, but they are the most highly ranked medical schools. The MBBS course duration in China is 06 years, including the last year of internship or clinical rotation.

Prospective students wishing to enter the MBBS program must secure at least 65% F.Sc in pre-med and intermediate programs to be eligible. Details of MBBS in China for Pakistani Students Tuition fee structure is as follows:

Jiangsu University MBBS Program Fee Structure

Program Details
Tuition fees Rs.886518 per year
Application fees Rs. 10429
Student Physical checkup Rs.10429
Student Insurance Rs.15644
Accommodation Deposit Rs.13037
Student Resident Deposit Rs.10429
Student Books Rs.15644
Living Expenses Rs. 26074
Student Accommodation (per year) Rs. 117333 to 127762
Total Tuition (6 years) Rs.5,319,108

Shantou University Medical College MBBS Program Fee Structure


Program Details
Tuition fee per year Rs. 10,429,62
Tuition fee Total (6 years) Rs. 62,57,775
Application fee Rs. 15,644
Accommodation Rs. 13037 per month
Insurance Rs. 20859 per year

Nanjing Medical University BBS Program Fees Structure

Program Details
Registration  fee Rs.13037
Tuition fee Rs.886518 per year
Student Deposit (Refundable) Rs.104296
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.5,319,108
Medical Examination fee Rs.14079
Residence permit Rs.10429
Text books Rs.20859
Student accommodation (per year) Rs. 157163

Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Program Details
Tuition fee Rs.1115969 Per year
Registration fee Rs.10429
Residence permit Rs.10429 per year
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.6,695,819
Physical Examination Rs.10429
Student Accommodation (Twin rooms) Rs. 471,491 per academic year (excluding water and electricity bill)
Miscellaneous  (Food cost) Rs.208,592 per year

TIANJIN Medical University

Program Details
Registration  fee Rs. 20859
Tuition fee Rs. 1251555 per year
Student physical checkup Rs.19555 (1st year )
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.1,251,555
Text books fee Rs.101688 (one time)
Student Residence permit Rs. 13037
Student Accommodation (Double Room) Rs. 300373 (per academic year)

Shandong University

Program Details
Tuition fee Rs.1173332 per year
Student Application Rs.10429
Residence permit Rs.20859
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.7,039,996
Student Insurance Rs.15644
Book Fee Rs.26074
Student Physical Checkup Rs.13037
Student Visa Rs.26074
Living expenses Rs.26074 to Rs.52148
Student Check in Rs.15644 (Refundable)
Student Accommodation (Double Room) Rs. 375466 per year

Capital Medical University

Program Details
Student Tuition Rs. 20859
Tuition fee + Management Fee Rs. 1398873 (First year)
Student Application Fee Rs. 25275
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.5,961,834
Service Fees Rs.842 (one time)
Student Accommodation (Per year) Rs.195555 to Rs.286814
Student Insurance Rs.15644
Living Expenses (per month) Rs.57362  to Rs.73007


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