When to Apply For 2024 Intake in Chinese Universities?

When to Apply For 2024 Intake in Chinese Universities?

Are you prepared for the 2024 Intake in Chinese Universities? Buckle up and join an effective educational journey to the best Chinese Universities. There are two intakes in Chinese Universities, the first in March and the second in September. Most people think that it is too early to apply in 2023 for 2024 intake. But we recommend you apply for the 2024 intake as early as possible.

But why apply so early? This question will come to every student’s mind. So, we are here to answer this frequently asked question. Read the entire blog and you will get to know why we are pursuing you to apply earlier for the 2024 intake in Chinese Universities to study your dream programs.

Why Prefer Chinese Universities?

Studying in China is like a dream to every student. This is because China has gained so much popularity in the field of education. Chinese Universities are considered the world’s best universities where you can seek excellence in the educational field. Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer Chinese Universities for the 2024 intake.

  • Most of the Chinese Universities are at the top ranking in both Asian and other international universities.
  • Affordable education at the top universities as compared to the USA, Canada, Australia, and other European countries.
  • Plenty of scholarships available for the deserving students
  • You can learn a new language other than your mother tongue or National language and explore a new culture.
  • The most important thing is you can also withdraw your application. For instance, if you have changed your mind or want to take admission on another intake.

Difference between March Intake & September Intake

There are some prominent differences in both the March and September intake. Almost all universities in China provide September intake but a few of them provide March intake. Similarly, more courses are offered in the September intake rather than the March intake. But if you want to apply for the March intake then must apply earlier because only a few universities offer admission in the March intake.

The chance to avail of scholarships for the best Chinese universities is more possible in September whether March. But the application procedure for both intakes is the same. You have to submit the same documents and other necessary details required for admission in both intakes. However, the visa does not depend on the admission intake but on your eligibility and qualifications.

How Early You Should Apply?

We recommend that you apply for the 2024 intake in Chinese universities as early as possible by checking the deadline dates of the universities. Mostly you should apply two to three months before the 2024 intake. The reason to apply so early is you have a greater chance to avail scholarships as well as open seats. It takes almost 10 days for students to apply for the application process if you apply through us.

Although you need different documents to complete the application process, it will take a month or more to complete your documents. Therefore we always suggest you check the deadline dates of all Chinese universities so that you can easily gather your documents on time. And can start the application process before two to three months of the 2024 intakes.

Benefits Of Applying Earlier For 2024 Intake

Most Chinese Universities have limited enrollment quotas. Therefore, when you apply for the 2024 intake as early as possible you will like to get enrolled first. Most admission officers in Chinese Universities review the application according to the order of submission. So, when you apply earlier there is most likely to get a chance for the application review earlier.

Thus, never waste your time assuming that there is enough time for the application process. Complete the process earlier so that you will enter into the race for the 2024 intake. If you apply for admission earlier you get enough time to fix the issues related to the admission process. Similarly, you will get enough time to gather all the required documents, especially when you have to collect the documents from the university.

There comes a language barrier in China. But when you apply earlier you can get enough time to learn some basic Chinese words so that you will face less difficulty in China. Moreover, you can also prepare yourself to move to another country with a different language and culture. So the benefits of applying earlier for 2024 intake are many more.

List of Top Chinese Universities 2024 Intake

  1. Beijing Institute Of Technology (October 15, 2023)
  2. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Around late November)
  3. Fudan University (Around early December 2023)
  4. Wuhan University (Around early December 2023)

List of MBBS Universities 2024 Intake

  1. Ningxia Medical University (March 2024 Intake)
  2. Zhengzhou University (March 2024 intake)
  3. Hunan University Of Chinese Medicine (March 2024 intake)
  4. Jiangsu University (March 2024)

2024 Intake Programs That Are Accepting Applications

There are some of the programs in Chinese universities that are accepting applications now for their 2024 intake. This means you can apply for these programs now through us and transform your dream to study in China into reality. These programs are:

  1. Schwarzman Scholars
  2. Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA

Final Words

Studying in the top educational institutes of China is a dream for every student. But with the help of complete guidance, you can easily transform your dream into reality. There are plenty of courses that Chinese universities are offering. But it is much better to apply as early as possible for the 2024 intake. So that you can never get late and enroll yourself on time to jump into the wonders of knowledge and wisdom.

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