Why study MBBS in China?

Why study MBBS in China?

As an international student, the question is why to choose China as a destination for MBBS studies. There are many other places in the world to study MBBS, so why China?

High level of education and research

Firstly, MBBS studies in China are affordable. Universities offering MBBS programs for international students in China are not only affordable but are also generally well regarded and equipped with top-notch and state-of-the-art technology and research facilities. To be fair, China has invested heavily in research over the years and in 2016, for the first time, the number of scientific publications surpassed that of the US, according to the US National Foundation, which is a huge achievement.

Availability of tuition fees and access to admission

One of the main reasons why international students come to study MBBS in China is the availability of tuition fees offered by Chinese medical universities. Typically, tuition fees at medical universities offering MBBS in China range between 18 000 and 20 000 RMB, making it extremely affordable, especially for Pakistani students, compared to tuition fees offered by private medical universities in their own countries. On the other hand, it is easier for international students to get into Chinese medical universities, even though they have better facilities, equipment, professors, research, and hospitals compared to other developing countries.

Accreditation of institutions around the world

On the other hand, another factor that plays an important role is the wide accreditation that Chinese medical universities have worldwide. Many MBBS universities in China have accreditations from various international organizations such as ECFMG, WDOMS, WCAME, WFME, FAIMER, PMC (Pakistan Medical Council) A-list, etc. After MBBS in China, students can easily take licensure exams in different countries of the world like USMLE, PLAB, AMC, HPCSA, PMC, etc.

Affordable and high standard of living

Life in China is both affordable and offers a high standard of living. Generally, students’ monthly expenditure of 600 RMB should be enough for food and daily expenses. However, please note that each individual’s expenses may vary depending on their standard of living.

Quality transport

As an international student wishing to study MBBS in China, another major concern is transportation. China is equipped with all kinds of modern transport systems both between and within cities. For intercity transport, the local bus system, BRT, and metro are highly developed, accessible, and easily available. On the other hand, intra-city transport is also highly developed and the main mode of transport in China is rail. With CRH train speeds of around 350 km per hour, journey times are considerably shorter compared to traditionally popular modes of transport in other developing countries, such as buses. Alternatively, planes or buses can be used to travel between cities.

Internships in hospitals

Students studying MBBS in China can also take the opportunity to do an internship at a hospital affiliated with their university. Honestly, it’s a great opportunity because you get to work alongside the best and highly qualified doctors in hospitals that are equipped with the latest equipment and technology, and are not only clean and well-organized.

Friendly and supportive professors

Professors and lecturers at Chinese universities are very friendly. In my experience, if an international student studying MBBS in China cannot understand something, the professor will do his best to explain it further. The best thing that can be said about the professors who teach MBBS in China is that they are eager to pass on their knowledge to the students and are very happy to teach the students and see their students succeed.

International environment

If you want to study MBBS in China, in addition to all the advantages mentioned above, another point to look out for is exposure to an international environment that can boost your confidence and how you see the world in general. Your class may include students from different countries, nationalities, and colors. This gives you the opportunity to mingle with and understand people from different cultures, thus giving you a deeper understanding of the different peoples with whom the Almighty has blessed the Earth!


In conclusion, it is easy to conclude that studying MBBS in China is an excellent choice for international students. We, at Intime Study Advisors, care about your bright future and have been working to help international students get admission to MBBS in China. So stop worrying and rely on us, let us help you achieve your dreams by helping you get admission to MBBS in China.

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