Why Study MBBS in Samarkand National Medical Institute

Why Study MBBS in Samarkand National Medical Institute

About Samarkand National Institute of Medicine

Samarkand State Medical Institute was established in 1930. It is one of the non-profit government institutes of higher education located in Samarkand. Samarkand State Medical Institute is highly regarded for its progressive approach to teaching and education. By reforming and bringing about change, the institute believes that it not only improves the academic education of candidates but also makes them more empathetic towards society and society at large.

Lecture halls, classrooms, teaching, and clinical laboratories are equipped with the latest multimedia projectors, video recording, and audio facilities to ensure quality teaching and research. A distance learning program is also in place. The Institute’s international links include Russia, the USA, Ukraine, South Korea, and other countries.

Affiliation and recognition of the Samarkand State Medical Institute

  • Recognized by PMC
  • Recognized by FAIMER
  • NMC and WHO approved
  • Recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Why study MBBS at Samarkand National Institute of Medicine

The premier medical institute in Uzbekistan, Samarkand State Medical Institute is one of the first and most prestigious universities in the country.

  • It is recognized by the WHO and the PMC.
  • The Institute boasts of the highest level of infrastructure that is technologically advanced.
  • Multimedia classrooms and teaching laboratories are available for medical students at the institute.
  • Students have access to an extensive library with internet access and computers.
  • In addition to printed books and reference material, electronic versions of e-books are also available.
  • Education is provided in English.
  • Tuition fees are affordable and loan facilities are available.

Benefits of MBBS at Samarkand National Medical Institute

  • Samarkand National Institute of Medicine has highly qualified and knowledgeable faculty members.
  • Samarkand National Institute of Medicine hosts various cultural and educational events.
  • Several sports competitions for student-athletes are held at the institute.
  • Students are provided with accommodation in hostels.
  • The campus is spacious and students can make use of its many amenities.
  • Thanks to the diversity of the student body, students can get to know and interact with different cultures and values.
  • The Institute does not offer scholarship programs but offers some scholarships at the end of the semester for outstanding students.

After graduation, students can work in hospitals in Uzbekistan as well as in any other part of the world.

In line with international standards for medical education, the Samarkand State Medical Institute has the same curriculum.

MBBS duration at Samarkand State Medical Institute

The MBBS course at Samarkand State Medical Institute lasts 6 years.

Faculties of Samarkand State Medical Institute

  • Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Surgery
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Programs
  • Faculty of Pharmacy

The admission process to Samarkand National Institute of Medicine is not complicated. Here is how to apply for the MBBS program at Samarkand National Institute of Medicine:

  • Step 1: Complete the online application form available on the Samarkand State Medical Institute website. Complete the MBBS course form provided by the university.
  • Step 2: Print the form. Sign the form and send a scanned copy along with the required documents listed below to the University.
  • Step 3: Scanned copies of the documents should be sent by email with your intention, i.e. ‘Application for admission’, in the subject line.
  • Step 4: The documents will be accepted only before the last date of submission of the application to the Samarkand National Institute of Medicine.
  • Step 5: The student will receive a letter of acceptance or rejection once the documents have been verified by the Institute officials.
  • Step 6: Once the candidate has been accepted, payment of the initial fee is required. They will then receive a fee confirmation letter.
  • Step 7: If the candidate is accepted, they should immediately apply for an Uzbekistan student visa.

The documents required for admission to the Samarkand State Medical Institute

  • Scanned copy of original passport
  • Scanned copy of 10+2 mark sheets
  • Scanned copy of the application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Financial documents

Hostel and accommodation at Samarkand National Institute of Medicine

The Institute provides hostels for all international students. Boys and girls have separate rooms, and each hostel has a male and female warden. The hospital is well equipped with furnished rooms and filtered water systems. Air conditioning is centralized. Those who wish to cook their own meals can use the kitchen, which has a gas cooker and fridge. For those who prefer not to, canteens are also available. The reading rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and are accessible to students. TVs, washing machines, and other entertainment facilities can be found in the hostel’s comfort zone. The hostel has a high level of security, so students do not have to worry about their safety and well-being. The hostel has 24-hour emergency medical assistance.

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