MBBS in China Medical University

MBBS in China Medical University

MBBS in China for international students has risen among the world simply because Chinese government universities are well recognized worldwide while obtaining a degree from Chinese universities is internationally recognized as a highly desirable way.  Prospective medical students, mainly from South Asian countries, always feel comfortable studying under Chinese tradition with socially compatible opportunities throughout their studies. MBBS in China is cost-effective for international students as there is a huge range of universities to study at with lower fees and scholarships also for top-performing students.

China is a safe place for international students who want to study MBBS in China. In recent years, more girls than boys from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa, ASEAN, CIS countries are going to study MBBS in China. In the last 20-25 years, there has been a large number of Pakistani and international students coming to study medicine in China.

Every year, thousands of international students apply to study MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) in English in China, especially in MOE-listed universities. Chinese universities also offer various types of scholarships to foreign students in fields other than MBBS, but at the end of the year, all universities offer scholarships to outstanding students.

PMC A-listed universities for Pakistani students:

We recommend that Pakistani students enroll only in PMC A-listed universities. Students graduating from PMC A-rated universities can get PRMP directly and after one year of household work, students can appear for the PMC NLE exam.

Chinese medical universities are approved by the Chinese Ministry of Health, the Chinese Ministry of Education, WCAME.  Chinese graduates can apply for USMLE (America), PLAB (GMC in England), AMC (Australia), and ECFMG certification.

MBBS fees in China

MBBS costs in China are low and foreign students are given attractive scholarships to facilitate their education. The average cost of MBBS in China is much lower than the cost of medical education in almost all other destinations that are popular for MBBS.

Detailed information of China Medical University MBBS Fee Structure

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition 40,000/year
Application Fee 800
Physical Exam 600
Residence Permit 800
Medical Insurance 600
Books Fee 3,000RMB for the first year
Accommodation Fee in Hotel 7,500RMB/year (Single Room)
Living Cost 2,000-2,450/month



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