Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

If you want to do MBBS in Pakistan, you need to have high marks in the Matric, Intermediate, and Entry test. This year more than 150,000 students will appear in MDCAT. The total number of medical colleges in Pakistan is 114. Each year 3 students can become doctors out of 100 pre-medical students. It means the acceptance rate is only 3%.

In Pakistan, almost all pre-medical students want to become a doctor. But due to high merit in Govt. Medical Colleges of Pakistan, and high fee structure of private-sector medical colleges in Pakistan, they can not become a doctor. Here we will guide you on how to get admission in Mbbs in China to achieve your goal.

MBBS in China is a brilliant option for medical aspirants to realize their dream of becoming successful doctors. China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world having a written history of more than 5,000 years, rich culture and a respected educational tradition.

In recent years, a lot of students from different parts of world are also opting China for medical education. China is the fourth most popular destination for travel and has the third-largest population of International students, behind the US and the UK. Last year, more than 10,000 students came to China to study medicine, most of them selecting an English-medium MBBS program.

Intime Study Advisors, made up of MBBS education consultants, has been working for a long time to help students for MBBS admission abroad. We provide candidates with precise guidelines on how to take admission to MBBS in any country like Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Kyrgzstan etc.

We provide students with the complete details of the best medical universities, course fees, facilities, and entrance examinations, as well as guidance on how to arrange visas and air tickets. This means that as soon as a candidate comes to Intime Study Advisors, he or she will definitely have the opportunity to study MBBS abroad.

MBBS Program in China is recognized by the Pakistan Medical commission (PMC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and many other prominent medical bodies in the world.

Chinese People are considered to be one of the smartest on the planet. It is home to  some of the world’s top-ranked universities in the world and offers English-taught courses to attract international students as well as a wide range of courses in all fields for all students. The qualifications achieved from its universities are globally recognized. Every college has excellent accommodation options for students. Universities in China have world-class infrastructure.

China is a home to many universities and colleges out of which 118 medical colleges have been approved by the Chinese Government to offer MBBS programs for international students. All these 118 medical schools are listed in the WHO’s “Directory of World Medical Schools.” This means that graduates from these colleges will be eligible for international medical screening tests, including PMC , AMC, HPCSA, PLAB, USMLE, SCHS, etc.

The hospitals in China, where medical students undertake the internship, use advanced medical instruments and techniques. China is a vast country and has diversity in climate as well. Northern China exhibits four different seasons with extremely hot summers and cold winters. Whereas, Southern China tends is a bit milder and wetter. From -10°C to +39°C, you get variety in weather as well.

China is a peaceful country with amazing social harmony and good public security. The Chinese Government has taken a tough stance on crime and made laws to ensure people live in a comfortable and secure society. The government also pays particular attention to overseas students and provides them with a safe learning environment on campus.

China is so geographically vast that it has an astounding variety of climates, cultures and landscapes. So you can go to the beaches, scale a mountain, hike in a desert.

As the world’s second-largest economy, the Chinese government allows students to work part-time while they study to augment their living and education expenses.

Studying and living in China is cheaper than studying and living in European countries, the U.S and much other countries.No doubt, you will experience China’s unique blend of ancient and modern civilization.


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