Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

If you are planning to study MBBS in China, you can apply to study in China. The culture, food, and education attract students from all over the world. Here are some points you can look out for before applying for admission.

Eligibility for a medical license

According to the source, there are 45 medical universities in China that are accredited by the Chinese government. These universities are listed in the Directory of World Medical Schools. They are also listed as the best universities by the World Health Organization.

  • Graduates of these universities can take the national medical licensing examination to obtain a medical license.
  • Pakistani students are eligible to sit for medical licensing examinations organized by the PMC.
  • Get a degree from a world-renowned university
  • Students who obtain a qualification from a recognized university in China are fortunate to receive a diploma certificate.
  • This certificate is internationally recognized.
  • Students coming from abroad receive a certificate in English, which boldly says that the student has obtained an MBBS qualification.
  • A diploma from a recognized university helps you apply for internships in recognized hospitals.
  • The PMC validates this degree and provides employment in the best hospitals in Pakistan.

Be part of the best

Chinese universities are ranked among the world’s top 500 universities. Every year, many students from abroad travel to China to study MBBS.

There are many medical universities in China that give students a choice.

Peking University and Fudan University are among the best universities in China.

These universities focus on student convenience. They have a flexible education system for international students.

Due to a large number of international students, most universities are English-speaking.


China is one of the countries where living is the cheapest. The cost of studying MBBS in China is 60-70% lower.

A six-year medical course in China costs around USD 30 000-50 000.

In the UK or the US, the cost is twice as much.

The annual tuition fee at a well-recommended university is between USD 1 000 and USD 2 000.

Students do not have to pay any donation fees before admission.

This takes a lot of the burden off students.

The Chinese government provides subsidized tuition fees for students.

Safety and security

China is a country of harmony and peace. Here are some points that show that it is one of the safest countries to live in.

The Chinese government has strict rules to regulate crime.

The government takes special care of foreign students to ensure a healthy environment on campus.

China’s rules are strict when it comes to criminals, so the crime rate is decreasing every year.


Chinese universities are equipped with high-tech and modern tools.

Fully furnished campuses and dormitories provide students with a high standard of living.

The university has various clubs that provide entertainment activities for students.

Be part of a deep culture

China has the longest history of medicine, dating back more than 23 centuries.

Herbal medicine is at least 2200 years old.

Students who come to China seeking medical knowledge become part of this culture.


Chinese food is popular all over the world.

Many are attracted by the fragrant taste of sauces and noodles.

Chinese cuisine has a wide range of dishes that students coming from abroad can enjoy.

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