Why study clinical medicine and surgery (MBBS) in China?

Why study clinical medicine and surgery (MBBS) in China?


MBBS is the acronym for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. A current report by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China shows that 45 universities have been approved to admit and provide undergraduate medical education or MBBS to international students with English as the language of instruction. This is a huge opportunity for international students to come for MBBS medical education in a country with good infrastructure and rapid development in all sectors. China is the second-largest economy in the world and has also become the third-largest destination country for foreign students to study abroad after the US and the UK. Previous observations have shown that most of the students who take MBBS courses in MBBS medical schools, and MBBS colleges in China easily pass the medical internship examination after returning to their home country, which entitles them to start practicing their noble career as they get a registration number after passing such examination.  The key to such success is studying in medical schools that meet international standards.

These are the reasons and factors why the number of international students joining the MBBS program in different medical universities in China is increasing and the factors mentioned by some MBBS students in MBBS medical universities in China are documented below.:-

Low cost:

The first reason mentioned by the interviewed MBBS students is the lower MBBS fees and costs, to explain this, most of the students compared the tuition fees in China and the tuition fees in their home country, where they said that the medical MBBS education in their home country is very expensive. The cost of living in China is cheaper than in their home country even.

High quality and international recognition:

The quality of MBBS education is essential, especially for a person dealing with someone else’s life/health, the MBBS program in medical schools meets international standards. Qualified and experienced teachers make the program attractive. China is striving to establish more world-class universities with medical schools and is investing heavily in higher education, especially in medicine. Many universities offer MBBS programs in English to meet the demands of international students. There is no doubt that Chinese medical schools train young doctors with sufficient and competitive skills better than some medical schools in western countries.

Fast MBBS admission process:

MBBS entrance examinations to medical colleges and other MBBS admission requirements are difficult in many countries due to many of the basic requirements including poor infrastructure, few teachers, and few medical schools in most areas, meaning that countries could not meet the high demand of students wanting to join medical colleges that are comparable to existing resources. However, most medical colleges in China do not have MBBS entrance examinations; this forces international students to start MBBS courses immediately after registration. MBBS courses include theory courses and practical courses, which mainly take place in hospitals or laboratories.

Scholarship opportunities:

In China, once you get a good grade, you can get an MBBS scholarship or tuition fee waiver. Studying MBBS in China can be considered an advantage to getting a scholarship for postgraduate studies in China as the student is already familiar with the Chinese medical education system as well as the lifestyle and environment in general.

Future perspective:

This is seen as a complement to medical skills, as a better understanding of Chinese allows them to better practice or intern in a hospital in China where they can easily communicate with patients and provide good treatment based on the patient’s condition. As you know, not only here in China but also around the world, Chinese business, including medical/health business, is growing and expanding, so MBBS international medical graduates who have studied in China will be able to work with Chinese in the medical field in their home country or elsewhere.

MBBS Study Duration:

The MBBS program for international students in most Chinese medical universities lasts six years, five years of which are dedicated to medical courses and one year to hospital placements; the program is designed so that a successful medical student can go directly into medical practice. Therefore, students who have obtained an MBBS degree in China have solid medical knowledge and excellent clinical skills to be able to respond to medical needs in their home country or in other countries, which increases their confidence.

After completing the required MBBS courses and MBBS internship, most Chinese MBBS universities, colleges, and schools hold an MBBS graduation ceremony in June every year.

MBBS degree awarded in China:

MBBS degree: Before graduation, students are required to pass HSK 3. After fulfilling the curriculum requirements and successfully passing the graduation exams, international medical undergraduate students will be issued a diploma and awarded a medical degree if they meet the university’s regulations. The English copy of the diploma will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

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