MBBS University Abroad

MBBS University Abroad

One of the most common points of consideration for any student wishing to study an MBBS abroad is finding the right university. Out of more than 25 countries in the world, finding the country where you want to study MBBS is a difficult task. But finding the best university abroad to study MBBS can be even more challenging.

Surfing the web, students may come across several criteria listed under the heading “best medical universities in their preferred country”, but all are different. This further confuses the already hesitant minds of young students. As a result, the big question is how to choose a university to study medicine abroad.

Here are some general criteria that can help you make your choice when choosing a university for medical studies abroad.


One of the first and most important criteria for choosing a university as well as a country for MBBS study abroad is affordability. It is often believed that countries like Russiaprovide an affordable and feasible option for Pakistani students.

When assessing the total cost of the university and whether it fits into your budget, remember not to exclude canteen and dormitory fees along with tuition fees.


Every country has both well-developed elite and remote areas. Within the same country there are certain geographical areas which may have mountains, oceans, arid lands, etc. Similarly, there may be areas that are very hot or very cold, some very safe and others not. It is therefore always advisable for students travelling abroad for medical education to have a good knowledge of the geography and weather conditions of the nearest university. For example, if students like winters and would prefer snow or slightly chilled and pleasant summer evenings, Russia may be your choice. However, you can avoid the cold desert areas of the country as it may be too cold for their liking. To study MBBS in Russia, students may prefer cities like Moscow, St Petersburg, Perm, Orenburg, Yoskar-ola, Kazan, etc., as they have a higher safety index and lower crime rate.

You can use the internet or students enrolled at university to find out about these aspects.


To get the most out of studying MBBS abroad, it is best to choose a university that has an exemplary international presence and healthy participation, and tracks record. This reflects the university’s global performance. Universities in several countries like the USA, and Australia often have a phenomenal presence.

Russia has a number of top medical universities that are well-known worldwide and provide affordable education, and universities such as Perm State Medical University have the highest number of patents in the region, while it and Orenburg State Medical University are among the top 10 Russian medical universities ranked by Forbes in 2020.


If a university abroad has dormitories, Pakistani canteens, and other facilities, it can provide a comfortable environment for students to adjust to. Russian medical universities are often known for providing not only top-quality amenities but also a warm cultural embrace for Pakistani students.

The extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are extremely important for a holistic approach to learning, which makes learning more enjoyable overall as well as holistic in all aspects.


This is again one of the most important aspects when choosing a medical school abroad. Universities have a significant number of Pakistani students enrolled and studying on its campus is more popular as it already provides a sheltered and homely environment. Russia, Bangladesh and the Caribbean are very popular among Pakistani students. Students can therefore easily find other Pakistani students and work together in a new country.


Choosing a foreign medical university can be one of the most important decisions for any student. Despite all the precautions and research, there is no guarantee that you will learn about all the pragmatic aspects of the institutions. This is difficult to do in a foreign country. Therefore, the above points serve as some of the suggestions when choosing a foreign university for MBBS studies.

However, students are always advised to take the help of experts such is Intime Study Advisors who work in the field and have more concrete examples than abstract promises and assurances. Intime Study Advisors is one of the leading pioneers in helping students with MBBS studies in Russia. The team has the experience of having helped as many as 50,000 Pakistani students realize their dreams over the last many years, who are now working in different parts of the world as renowned professionals. Currently, there are more than 4000 students studying MBBS in Russia with Intime Study Advisors.

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