Student Life in Russia

Student Life in Russia

Russia is a grand name in itself for anyone seeking to discover a whole new meaning in life. There are a number of facts about the country that are easy to learn, and which can continue to surprise even years later. Whether in terms of tradition, culture, research, or any kind of progressive practice, this country is one of the most travelled destinations in the world.

Among the millions of tourists who visit Russia, a huge number of people who fly to Moscow are students and researchers. This is because education in Russia is of great value to all those who pursue it. Getting an education in Russia, which is recognized and respected throughout the world, has proved to be very beneficial.

Russian universities excel in providing quality for all students in terms of infrastructure, teaching, and development. Higher education is particularly popular and it is easy to find a number of young international students traveling around the country.


Today, students from all over the world choose Russia as one of their preferred destinations for medical education and training. Every year, thousands of students wishing to study MBBS in Russia or any other medical specialty apply to study at Russian medical universities. Medical universities in Russia are well known all over the world.

Medical universities in Russia provide optimistic quality. Most universities have an internationally accredited curriculum. Another feature that attracts several students around the world to study MBBS in Russia is the cost factor. The cost of living in Russia as well as medical studies in the best Russian public medical universities is very low compared to the high-quality infrastructure. Currently, several former graduates of Russian medical universities are working in leading hospitals around the world.

Compared to other countries such as the USA, the UK, and other European universities, the tuition fees for MBBS studies at Russian medical universities are very affordable. This makes Russia an attractive choice for foreign candidates wishing to pursue an MBBS, Ph.D., or another medical degree. Almost all medical universities in Russia teach in English, making it easier for foreign students to study. In addition to quality, the admission process to Russian medical universities is simple and uncomplicated.

Student life is one of the most memorable moments for everyone. The experiences and ideologies formulated during this time remain and shape the qualities and traits of a future personality. Therefore, a good and bright student life becomes an important aspect when it comes to choosing medical universities in Russia.

Medical students in Russia enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. Student life in Russia often includes a number of attractive features:


Medical universities in Russia take every measure to promote student comfort, from furnished accommodation to charming canteens serving Pakistani cuisine. The dormitories are well equipped with everything you need for your daily activities.


Students not only get to know the local people and culture, but MBBS in Russia also gives them the opportunity to interact and network with students of different nationalities. This increases the level of students’ multicultural competence, which in turn contributes to their personal and behavioural development.


The Russian medical campus is known to provide a constructive learning environment for students to discover and pursue their academic and non-academic interests. This makes learning a pleasure rather than a monotonous burden. Teachers and mentors are often part of creating such an environment.


Most medical universities in Russia have a number of educational clubs and groups related to student interests. Sometimes the choice of one or more clubs and activities is compulsory. These clubs also actively participate in various zonal, national, and international competitions.


Russian universities not only give priority to students’ academic development but also pay equal attention to various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Universities have various sports complexes, theatres, studios, etc. to promote holistic learning among students.


The country also has a number of picturesque landscapes and monuments. Visiting them is often part of many students’ weekend plans. It certainly provides a refreshing break from the hectic life and busy routine of studies.


College campuses have the best quality accommodation and facilities. Universities offer a wide range of facilities at an affordable price. Russian medical students benefit from a multicultural environment. Many cultural events and festivals are organized on campuses every year. Students participate in the following events. This helps them to understand different cultures.

As Russian medical universities are recognized by major organizations, graduates from these universities are qualified to work in any country in the world. The universities not only provide excellent education but also encourage their students to get involved in extra-curricular activities. Sports facilities such as football pitches, badminton courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and gyms are available in university complexes.

Pakistani students studying MBBS in Russia can return to Pakistan and work thereafter passing the national medical examination organized by the Pakistan Medical Commission. Similarly, foreign students who wish to return home and work in their own country can do so.

MBBS and other medical degrees are popular in Russia because of the living conditions and many other positive factors.

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