Cost of MBBS in Russia

Cost of MBBS in Russia

Russia is a familiar name for Pakistanis, especially students hoping to pursue higher education or research abroad. Recently, Russian medical universities have seen a large influx of young students from Pakistan every year.

MBBS in Russia is one of the most popular offers for Pakistani students wishing to study MBBS abroad. The country is well known worldwide for its educational and research practices. But the main factor that makes Russia a popular option for medical education abroad is its cost – not just for education, but also for living abroad!

A recent report states that studying MBBS in Pakistan is quite an expensive venture for a student from an average wealthy family. As a result, several students who could not get seats in Pakistan government medical colleges often study MBBS outside the country. Of the several options available to cater to such needs, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe are among the top choices for Pakistan students.

Every year, thousands of students choose to study MBBS abroad and most of them choose to pursue their medical education in Russia.

Although the total cost of MBBS in Russia cannot be called the lowest in the world, as other countries in Asia and Africa certainly have medical education options available at much lower costs, unlike in Russia, the medical degrees obtained at these universities present several disadvantages for Pakistani students.


International reputation

Several Russian medical universities have won a number of awards and achievements. Some of these universities also have a strong track record spanning more than a century. These facts contribute to the international reputation of Russian medical universities. A medical degree from a recognized medical university with its reputation opens up unlimited opportunities for students.

Russian medical universities are often included in the list of the world’s best medical universities, which is made up of several medical universities. Some of the accreditation and recognition bodies for medical education at Russian universities are ECFMG, FAIMER, PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission), Medical Council of Canada (MCC), etc.

How MBBS contributes to the development of MBBS

Pakistan and Russia have always shared cultural and ideological similarities, which have been reinforced locally and politically over decades of friendship. Thanks to such bilateral exchanges, Pakistanis are warmly welcomed even by the indigenous Russian population. To welcome and delight Pakistani students in Russia, Russian medical universities many times promote Pakistani cooking, Pakistani festive celebrations, etc.

Therefore, students studying MBBS in Russia enjoy the comforts of home even when they are several kilometers away from their homes in Pakistan.

Highest quality education

Another reason that offsets the cost of studying MBBS in Russia is the quality of education it offers. In addition to living conditions, the country is also known for quality education. The classrooms of Russian medical universities are often well equipped with all the latest technologies and best methodologies to engage and motivate students throughout the learning process.

Thanks to such efforts, MBBS in Russia is not only reputable but also effective in meeting the needs of global healthcare.

Access to resources

Opportunities such as studying MBBS in Russia offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of access to resources. Whether it’s access to the latest technologies, approaches, research, fraternal connections, etc. MBBS studies at Russian medical universities facilitate access to some of the hard-to-get accesses that are also pursued during undergraduate medical studies.

Therefore, among the several advantages of MBBS studies in Russia is that they provide students with unlimited access to exclusive resources – research, experts, technology, etc.


A medical degree in Russia offers a wide range of opportunities for young doctors. Students can discover and pursue their field of interest at the highest level and can start working from the very beginning. From traditional fields to new-age and non-traditional horizons. Students can receive undivided attention from their tutors to provide productive career guidance and excel in their areas of interest.

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