Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

While MBBS admission in Russia is certainly a benefit for Pakistani students for a number of reasons, there are some disadvantages it can offer students. One of the most important aspects here is the choice of university. Students should be very careful when choosing which university to study MBBS in Russia, as this is one of the crucial factors that will determine how the study period in Russia will go. The first thing a student should be sure of before making a choice is the place of education. MBBS courses in English are only offered at a few universities, and at others, students may have difficulties with the language barrier.

Pakistani students are always advised to choose a university that has strong support for Pakistani students, such as separate halls of residence, Pakistani food, and a large number of Pakistani students in its corridor.

Another important aspect when making a choice is to be aware of the weather conditions and your ability to adapt to them. Sometimes it can be difficult for Pakistani students to adapt to the harsh and biting European winters. Although the climate is cold all year round, some places have mild conditions.


MBBS admission in Russia is often more advantageous for Pakistani students interested in MBBS from abroad, as the best Russian medical universities provide FMGE/NExT training during the course. The training is organized in collaboration with Intime Study Advisors to provide Pakistani students with guidance on the medical licensing exam so that they can pursue a career in Pakistan or any other country of their choice.

Due to this rigorous training, guidance, and dedication on the part of the students, a large number of students have appeared and qualified in the FMGE exam in the past and continue to do so today.  Russia is proud of the fact that on average 35% of all students have passed the exam, while the overall pass rate for the FMGE is 28%.


Russia has always been the number one security concern for Pakistanis. Pakistani medical aspirants have been studying MBBS in Russia since the USSR and embassy officials also consider the safety of Pakistani medical aspirants in Russia a top priority.

In addition to security standards at the national level, appropriate security measures are in place at all Russian university campuses and hostels to ensure a safe and secure environment for Pakistani students.


Russia’s top medical universities offer a variety of options for international students when it comes to accommodation in student halls. Universities are particularly focused on providing special services for Pakistani students who come to study MBBS in Russia. These services include fully furnished dormitory rooms, the provision of a Pakistani canteen in the dormitories, separate activities for boys and girls, CCTV surveillance, and round-the-clock police patrolling for the safety of Pakistani students. These accommodation options can be used at no extra cost, as the fee package for these Russian medical universities includes a basic hostel contribution.


Intime Study Advisors has been proudly assisting students throughout their MBBS journey in Russia for many years, from the first to the last step. The team is made up of impressive and talented people from a variety of fields. Our experienced and energetic advisors are always ready to help students at any point from their choice of university to the last day of their studies and many times beyond.

Our advisors will recommend the best Russian medical universities for your MBBS studies, taking full account of your needs, requirements and expectations. Our team not only has your back throughout the entire admission process and the paperwork such as visas, invitation letters, travel arrangements, currency exchange, and many other exclusive services.

Even after you have entered the medical school of your choice, we will still guide you through all the procedures and requirements you may face once you have reached your destination. This includes arranging accommodation until you are granted university accommodation, assisting you in filling in your documents at the university, supporting you in obtaining various certificates, cards, etc., organizing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students, etc.

We are constantly working to address the concerns and needs of all our students studying in Russia and continue to develop our approach when deemed necessary so that students can devote their full efforts to their studies with a happy mind.

That is why during our service we have served as many as 50,000 students who have followed their dream of becoming excellent doctors, and we are still serving more than 5,000 students on their way to success.

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