MBBS in Russia And MBBS in Kazakhstan: What’s The Difference?

MBBS in Russia And MBBS in Kazakhstan: What’s The Difference?

Kazakhstan is an Asian country, considered to be the only landlocked country in the world. Kazakhstan is also the tenth-largest country in the world, bordering China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. The country’s infrastructure is incredibly dynamic, made up of deltas, mountains, hills, cliffs, etc… It is therefore a very diverse country in terms of infrastructure.

In addition, medical education in Kazakhstan is improving and there are now a large number of schools and universities, especially in the medical field.

As the number of universities and medical institutes in Kazakhstan is increasing, MBBS is becoming more and more popular. In this article, we will discuss essentially the same topic: how and why Kazakhstan is becoming a popular destination for MBBS students from all over the world.

So, if you are interested in studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can learn a lot about this topic from this article.


MBBS in Kazakhstan for Pakistani students is a very reputed option, considering the fierce competition in the Pakistani medical field. Every year, a huge number of MBBS aspirants apply for the MBBS in national universities, but only a small percentage of them pass and get enrolled.

Only those who pass the exam with the passing marks are offered MBBS seats, but the rest is up to them. Therefore, MBBS in Kazakhstan is a fantastic alternative for all Pakistani MBBS aspirants. As the competition for MBBS in Kazakhstan is significantly lower compared to MBBS in Pakistan, all MBBS aspirants have a good chance of getting admission.


Admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan depends on the preferences of medical applicants, although there are other reasons why MBBS in Kazakhstan is a preferable alternative.

Here are some reasons why studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is a good idea.

  • In Kazakhstan, students can study an MBBS program at different universities/medical institutions depending on their preferences.
  • All medical schools or universities in Kazakhstan are accredited by the world’s major medical organizations such as WHO, GMC, UNESCO, PMC, and others, and the cost of MBBS education in Kazakhstan is lower than in other countries.
  • For foreign applicants, the cost of living in Kazakhstan is quite low and the country’s environment is very safe.
  • Medical education in Kazakhstan’s PMC-approved universities is quite high, as in other wealthy countries.


Many criteria, in addition to affordability and quality, make MBBS in Russia one of the most beneficial options for Pakistani students who want to study abroad.

Among the many advantages available to international students studying in Russia are the following:

1-Scholarship opportunities Russia is one of the few countries in the world that provides state-funded education for international students.
2-Every year, around 15,000 international students receive a scholarship to study in Russia.

If you receive a scholarship from the Russian government, the state will pay the tuition fees for your program, as well as your living expenses.


Compared to the cost of living in other European countries and countries such as the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the average cost of living in Russia can be up to USD 140 per month.

Personalized learning experiences in Russia have a student-teacher ratio of 11:1. This is similar to the ratio in wealthy European countries. The pupil-teacher ratio ensures that every pupil receives sufficient attention from teachers. It also allows for a more personalized learning experience and more opportunities for interaction between pupils and teachers.


Russia is a transcontinental country with a European way of life. Surprisingly, despite the fact that more than 75% of Russia’s territory is in Asia and less than 25% in Europe, more than 77% of Russia’s population lives in the European Russian Science Panthers, while only about 23% live in Asia.

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