Myths And Facts About Studying Abroad

Myths And Facts About Studying Abroad


There is no doubt that studying abroad is usually more expensive than studying in Pakistan. Costs can vary depending on various factors such as university, length, course, location, etc. However, if you budget well and plan fully, your dream of studying abroad will not seem like a burden at all. Proceed with caution and avoid unnecessary expenses by being practical and minimalistic. In addition, you can get involved in on-campus jobs, research assistance, tutoring and other opportunities to supplemenlint your income with bells and whistles. After your education abroad, there are plenty of opportunities to work in some of the top management organisations both abroad and in Pakistan.


With so many misfortunes happening around the world, such as the rising incidents of terrorism, parents have a natural apprehension and fear of sending their children far away from them to a new place to study abroad. International universities understand the security concerns and therefore have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety of students at all times. In addition, some of the international universities also organise intensive crash courses, and exclusive orientation sessions and also offer guidelines for international students to get to know the new place and its culture.

Communicating with other foreigners

Most international universities teach in English. However, check what language requirements or criteria your university follows before applying. You can listen to a variety of audio recordings before you go to help you understand foreign accents, their language and speech modulation. Think of it as an extra opportunity to learn a new language or a different English in a foreign country. Learning a language in a natural context is the most effective and efficient way to learn a new language. In addition, you will achieve an almost native English fluency that will enrich your communication skills.

Not returning to your home country

Studying abroad goes beyond learning and sharpens your personality as well as your skills. It helps you get out of your comfort zone and acclimatise to a completely different culture. Studying abroad will not only limit your professional development but also help you grow personally. Its first-class academic teaching and facilities, practice-based learning, career-oriented courses and global student community offer a wealth of opportunities for all students. The overall experience will help you discover and understand yourself, your career, and the culture from a whole new perspective. After graduation, you will have a wide range of opportunities both in your home country and around the world.

Pakistani students are neglected

In international universities, teachers act as mentors for each student. They are very available to help students anytime and anywhere to resolve questions and uncertainties related to their studies. The educational culture at international universities is based on creating a conducive learning environment and an ideology of unrestricted learning. These lecturers believe that students should never be afraid to ask questions in order to learn effectively. In the past, many Pakistanis have gone abroad and gained immense experience.

Employers do not value foreign diplomas

Employers are always looking for diversity in an organization. For this reason, they always focus on cross-cultural promotion. If you can prove to the employer that you have the skills the organization is looking for, the employer will definitely value your foreign diploma. They will be interested to see how your foreign diploma can help their organization in the long term.

It’s all about parties and fun

Studying abroad is not about parties and fun, it’s about learning new things, studying and developing valuable skills. Studying at a university abroad develops your personal horizons while opening up a world full of professional and personal opportunities. It is a serious matter that further challenges the student on a personal level and influences his academic career. Students also have the opportunity to learn about different education systems as well as different approaches to teaching. All of this will lead to the development of new ideas and beliefs in future students when they have the opportunity to explore an alternative perspective.

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