Quality of Medical Education in Russia

Quality of Medical Education in Russia

It has been observed that most Pakistani students go abroad to pursue their medical education, as the number of MBBS places in Pakistan is limited. Even if a medical student successfully passes the MDCAT exam with adequate marks, his chances of getting an MBBS seat in any government college in Pakistan are very rare. While MBBS in a Pakistani private medical college is an alternative option that an inspiring Pakistani medical student can choose to pursue his academic dream, getting admission to any Pakistani private medical college is not easy. To get admission to MBBS in any of the private medical colleges in Pakistan, a large amount of money is required, which is sometimes difficult for parents to manage!

The next option left for students is to study MBBS abroad. With so many countries offering MBBS at affordable prices, it becomes difficult for students to choose the ideal destination that has it all. When we say “everything”, we mean quality medical education as well as affordable budget, modern infrastructure and extensive practical experience. And when it comes to all these requirements, only one country comes to mind: Russia!

MBBS in Russia is one of the best options, especially for Pakistani students who want to pursue MBBS without spending their precious years and want to get a globally recognised MBBS degree to practice their medical career in any country of the world.

It has been observed that recently Russia has gained immense popularity in terms of MBBS in Russia, especially for Pakistani students. In addition to affordable medical education, the quality of medical education in Russian medical universities is of the highest standard for all the students admitted. According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) “Directory of World Medical Schools”, Russia ranks almost 30 among the top 100 medical universities. There are almost 57 medical universities in Russia. The ratio of students to faculty in all Russian medical universities is 7:1. About 12 of these universities offer MBBS in English.

Compared to other European countries, all Russian medical universities offer the best quality of training for medical students. The curricula they implement are based on the European curriculum.

After successful completion of the six-year MBBS programme, medical students of Russian medical universities are awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree (equivalent to the MBBS degree in Pakistan). After completing this degree, any medical graduate can work in medicine in any part of the world.

All Russian medical universities offering MBBS focus on technical upgrading of teaching facilities (classrooms + creation of modern nursing laboratories). All medical universities focus on two types of teaching, namely (extensive practical classes + lectures). All medical universities offer 5 years of theoretical knowledge, while MBBS programmes offer 1 year of extensive practical training in the final year so that students can learn to solve different types of problems on the spot. To boost the careers of medical students, all students want to study MBBS in Russia, where medical universities have over 100 years of experience.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia

  • Studying an MBBS in Russia is one of the most affordable options for students wishing to study an MBBS abroad. It does not require any fees or entrance exams.
  • Medical education at Russia’s top public universities is globally recognized for its excellence.
  • The learning environment for international students is English, so students do not have to worry about language being a barrier to their medical education abroad.
  • As a superpower, Russia offers a huge range of opportunities for its young graduates.
  • The quality of MBBS education in Russia includes the use of some of the most modern medical and pedagogical techniques in laboratories and classrooms.
  • The rich libraries of some medical universities preserve the heritage of decades and even centuries.
  • As MBBS is a popular choice in Russia, you can easily find former graduates working in several areas of the medical field around the world.
  • For Pakistani students, the close links between countries help them to adapt to their culture and beliefs alongside the local population.
  • MBBS studies in Russia allow students to experience Europe’s high-quality living standards.
  • The cost of living in Russia is also extremely low. On average, the cost of living in Russia is 47.46% lower than in the USA.

In addition to these advantages, MBBS studies in Russia have several other advantages such as an easy admission process with no exams such as IELTS, TOEFL etc. Several medical universities also provide special facilities and incentives to Pakistani students such as Pakistani canteens, hostels, sports facilities, cultural and festive events, etc.

Another important feature of medical education in Russia is that there are no exams like the KROK in Ukraine, which have to be passed in order to continue studies and obtain a degree. Students are expected to follow a continuous and comprehensive assessment and evaluation strategy developed by the university.

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