Why is MBBS Education in Russia Available to Pakistani Medical Students?

Why is MBBS Education in Russia Available to Pakistani Medical Students?

In Pakistan, healthy dreams of wearing a white apron and a stethoscope to save lives are associated with nightmares of having to fight for a few thousand seats in exams with lakhs of students. Government medical colleges seem to be the only option for MBBS education as private medical education usually means huge financial debts.

The limited number of seats in government colleges and exorbitant fees in private medical colleges are the biggest constraints to medical education in Pakistan. This is why most Pakistani medical students choose to study abroad at much lower prices and later take the PMC screening tests to practice medicine in Pakistan.

Pakistan-Russia relations: MBBS is a boon for MBBS aspirants.

Pakistan and Russia enjoy cordial relations in many fields, facilitating cultural, trade, technological and especially educational exchanges between the two countries. This opens up opportunities for Pakistani medical students to pursue MBBS education at affordable prices, complemented by global exposure to international medical practice.

Russia: One of the most sought-after MBBS destinations.

Russia is known worldwide for its excellence in teaching and research. It is known for providing high quality education at low cost, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for international students wishing to study MBBS in Russia.

The standard of medical universities in Russia is very high. All Russian medical universities are listed by WHO, UNESCO and PMC, so a student with an MBBS degree in Russia can practice in any country in the world, including Pakistan.

Reasons for the low cost of MBBS education in Russia

One of the main reasons why MBBS in Russia is cheaper for Pakistani medical students is that universities are already subsidised by the government. Medical colleges are offered a lot of federal funds to ensure that the costs associated with studying are controlled. This helps attract students from all over the world.

The average fee for MBBS in Russia is US$ 4000 per year, which is an affordable fee for MBBS.

The Russian government is putting a lot of effort into university development to maintain the standards of the higher medical education system.

In order to facilitate a steady flow of foreign students to the country, the best MBBS universities in Russia provide foreign students with the opportunity to study free of charge.

Each year, the Russian government reserves a certain number of places at these universities to allow students with outstanding academic achievements to study for free. In 2018, 15 000 such places were allocated to international students.

These factors, combined with the very low cost of living in Russia, make it a lucrative and affordable option for Pakistani medical students.

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