Study MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia

Over the past few years, MBBS in Russia has become a popular choice for Pakistani students looking to pursue their medical education abroad. With more than 8000+ students travelling to Russia to study medicine, the number has increased drastically and it has become the most popular choice not only in Pakistan but also abroad.

Before we find out the reasons that determine MBBS in Russia, let us discuss the reasons behind the huge number of students from Pakistan flying in to study MBBS abroad.


Some of the many advantages of choosing to study in Russia are:

Diverse Study Opportunities

With nearly 450 state-accredited universities offering around 17,500 MBBS programs, Russian universities offer study programmes in all fields preferred by students, from undergraduate to PhD programmes.


Compared to European quality, the cost of living in Russia is very reasonable. The country maintains a minimum average level for food, rent, clothing and other daily and leisure costs. Students can benefit from additional discounts at theatres, museums, operas, cinemas, swimming pools and other similar establishments.


Russia ranks high on the world safety index, so it promises safety not only for locals and tourists, but also for international students. Both girls and boys can travel freely and safely. Russian universities also have 24×7 surveillance on campus, at dormitory gates, etc.


Although many Russian universities offer an English language programme, students are more likely to learn Russian and become familiar with the language. If students choose to study this language, Russian as a second language in itself promises a wide range of opportunities in different fields.


Russian culture and the local population are very welcoming and accommodating to international students. As a result, students tend to adapt and adjust easily to their new environment.


Affordable tuition fees:

Compared to other countries such as the UK and the US, where tuition and living costs for students are at an all-time high, Russia offers not only affordable accommodation but also affordable living options.

The federal government subsidises MBBS tuition fees in Russia enormously, making it affordable for anyone determined to follow their dream. Studying at Russia’s top medical university starts from PNR 15 lakh but the actual cost of an MBBS in Russia depends on your choice of university and the services you use.
Internationally recognized degree

Most of Russia’s top medical universities are recognized worldwide. Some of the main recognitions include the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the Foundation for International Medical Education and Research Development (FAIMER), the Medical Councils of various countries such as Canada, Australia, Pakistan, and others.

There are no admission tests:

To study in Russia, a student does not have to take and qualify for any entrance tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., or any other tests to secure a place in the university of his choice, the whole process is merit-based and depends on the student’s performance in class 12th.

Maximum exposure and opportunities:

The advanced curriculum of MBBS courses in Russia includes the practical knowledge and an emphasis on hands-on experience. Any Pakistani student who has obtained an MBBS degree from a top Russian university is promised a great medical career with unlimited opportunities due to the knowledge gained during his studies.

Easy admission criteria:

The MBBS admission criteria in Russia are similar to the MBBS admission criteria in Pakistan. This includes 50% marks in F.Sc at 12th level.

Multicultural learning environment:

On average, 12% of the total student population of any Russian university is made up of foreign students. Therefore, by studying at MBBS in Russia, students can experience a multicultural learning environment and interact with students from different cultures. This helps to build trust and lifelong friendships between students, thus promoting holistic development.

FMGE/NExT training:

Some of Russia’s top medical universities also take the initiative to prepare students for various medical licensing exams in order to be able to practice. In order to continue the medical practice, students have to pass the medical licensing exam of the country where they want to pursue their careers.

With MBBS in Russia, students are provided with the necessary training and coaching opportunities with renowned professors and subject experts to help students do well in the exam.

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