How to Choose the Best Medical University for MBBS Abroad?

How to Choose the Best Medical University for MBBS Abroad?

How to Choose the Best Medical University for MBBS Abroad?

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There are many advantages to studying an MBBS abroad. It is important to decide on what parameters will determine your decision to choose the best medical universities abroad for MBBS studies. Below are the factors that will help you choose the best medical university for MBBS in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Duration of MBBS  Course

The duration of your studies usually depends on the country where you are applying for MBBS Study. Medical universities in Russia have a 6-year MBBS course, which includes a one-year internship. In most medical colleges in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the MBBS course is 5 years. So now it’s up to you where you want to start your MBBS career abroad.

Affordable Fee Structure

Budget plays an important role in the decision of Pakistani students to study MBBS at a foreign medical university. The affordability of the MBBS fee structure is very important for Pakistani students as they will apply to universities with a budget-friendly fee structure when applying for MBBS admissions abroad.


Pakistani students wishing to study MBBS abroad should apply to top medical schools recognized and certified by the PMC, World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Foundation for International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and/or Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Such recognition by worldwide statutory bodies provides a guarantee to prospective medical students applying to recognized and credible foreign medical schools.

Medium of Instruction

Most Pakistani students prefer international medical schools that are taught in English. The MBBS course in English promotes a better understanding of concepts and lessons not only for students from Pakistan but also from other countries.

Quality of Education

Pakistani students should apply to universities abroad that promote good quality medical education. Renowned medical universities believe that training for future doctors is provided through practical training and experimentation.

Infrastructure Facilities

Universities with attractive infrastructure are attractive to students because they will be where they will spend their next important years. They should be well equipped with modern technology and the best in class so that students can get to know them well. Well-equipped laboratories, classrooms, and research facilities at the university/campus are must for a better practical experience.

Total Seats in the University

If the total number of places at any university is smaller, competition is usually high. Therefore, students applying for MBBS in China, Russia, or any other country always apply to medical universities with a large number of places to increase their chances of being accepted for MBBS abroad.

Accommodation Facilities

As most international students move temporarily to the countries where their medical universities abroad are located, they will need suitable and comfortable accommodation. As Pakistani students have different lifestyles and food preferences, they should apply to universities that have good accommodation and catering facilities on campus.

Admission Process

Some medical schools have a complex admissions procedure that is difficult to understand for students applying to study. Therefore, before applying to any university, a student must go through the whole admissions process and then decide whether he/she wants to apply. Having the right knowledge step by step helps them to make wise decisions that they will not regret later.

Practical Exposure During the Internship

For MBBS students studying medicine abroad, practical training during internships in hospitals affiliated with medical universities is very important. This allows them to learn doctoral skills and offers a practical experience to enhance their future career in medicine. Check the list of hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes affiliated with the medical university you want to join.

Location of the Medical University

Every Pakistani student looking for global medicine opportunities has some preferences regarding the location of the university. Some prefer cold countries such as Russia, while others prefer countries with temperate climates. So where you want to study abroad is up to you; after all, you will be spending the next 5-6 years in this country. Also, make sure your university is well connected to the airport by appropriate means of transport.

International Participation

To get the most out of your MBBS study abroad, it is important to choose a medical university with an excellent presence abroad and an impeccable record of achievement and participation. Such accolades are a testament to the performance of universities around the world.

Russian medical universities such as Perm State Medical University and Orenburg State Medical University have been ranked among the top 10 medical universities to study MBBS in Russia in 2022.

Scope of Practice in Pakistan

Most Pakistani students who take MBBS courses abroad choose to return home and serve Pakistani society. Always apply to medical universities abroad that offer world-renowned MBBS degrees to Pakistani students. You must complete your MBBS studies at a university after which you can take the PMC licensing exam to practice medicine in Pakistan.

Scholarships Available

Several foreign medical universities offer scholarships for MBBS in China, Russia, etc. for Pakistani students with good academic results or achievements. Some scholarships even include living expenses and tuition fees. So you may want to check whether scholarships are available at your chosen universities and then decide where you want to apply for MBBS.

Reviews by Previous MBBS  Students

The personal experiences of previous MBBS students at selected universities, as mentioned in the online reviews, will give you first-hand experience. Such reviews will give more clarity to future doctors like you about the services and quality of education of the universities.

Ranking of the University

You may find it useful to check the world rankings of the medical universities you are planning to apply to. The rankings are based on the performance of these universities and the quality of the education they offer, and they help Pakistani students to make wise decisions.

Eligibility Criteria

Before any prospective medical student in Pakistan applies for admission to MBBS courses in foreign universities, he/she has to check the eligibility criteria of the selected universities. Most medical universities have the following common eligibility criteria for MBBS study abroad:

The applicant must be 17 years of age on 31 December of the year of admission.
50% aggregate score in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Grade 12.

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