Top 8 Non-Traditional Careers You Can Choose After MBBS

Top 8 Non-Traditional Careers You Can Choose After MBBS

Gone are the days when there were only a few limited traditional fields to choose from. Nowadays, it would not be wrong to say that with the multidisciplinary approach of information and technology, every field has been revolutionised. This has led to the emergence of market demand for new skills.

The healthcare sector is no exception to this ongoing trend. Every day, new opportunities open up in the search for specialists. Another trend – MBBS abroad – has also led young and aspiring medics to seek medical studies abroad, resulting in more students gaining global experience and discovering more opportunities.

Here are 8 of the best non-traditional career options for students and doctors who want to learn more about the alternative roles they can play:

  1. Health Informatics And Analytics

The multidisciplinary field of informatics and applied healthcare is becoming a favourite area for young enthusiasts. This area involves working with the management and use of patient healthcare information, as well as with advanced tools such as Tally and artificial intelligence.

  1. Hospital Administration

Hospital administration is a rapidly growing field requiring specialists such as health service managers and others. Although the field may be less than a few decades old, there is a huge demand for well-qualified healthcare professionals. The sector needs experts who are up-to-date not only with the requirements of management, and hospital services but also with the public.

  1. Medico-Legal Advisers

This is a rather demanding field of expertise as it deals with the legal aspect of medical affairs. This combination of law and medicine has a huge undiscovered potential. As it is in demand for individuals with interdisciplinary qualities, it is probably one of the best-paid alternative careers.

  1. Public Healthcare

The leading career field today is the public health sector. Foreign medical universities have separate faculties of Public Health Management for students, which shows the demand in this field. This field has enormous potential not only for building a strong foundation but also for building a solid and noble career.

5. Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is one of the leading opportunities that not only benefits your pocket but also helps you to establish yourself in the industry. The main objective of this field is to help patients travel outside their country of residence to receive medical care. The growing popularity of this field has been the focus of policymakers, researchers and the media all over the world.

  1. Investors In Healthcare

Huge investments are made in and through the healthcare sector every day. This is a major incentive for its investors. By using their knowledge of the healthcare sector after MBBS, they can provide their expert insight on where to invest next.

  1. Medical Journalism And Writing

Through medical journals, data on new discoveries, trials and tests are recorded every day. It is one of the most highly recognized fields. Usually used by many to publish their first thesis project. This field acts as a window for new opportunities as they can apply to hospitals, government, clinical laboratories, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Sports Medicine

The number of medical students getting involved in sports medicine has increased as the reach of the audience interested in the sport grows. The sports sector provides a stable career after MBBS. Apart from the opportunity to meet and greet world-renowned celebrities, it also provides a competitive financial package.


The world is a dynamic place. It is constantly changing, with new discoveries being made every day and new responsibilities being developed to modernize and update resources to meet the needs of society and its way of life. Keeping up with change has now become an essential skill. It is important that the seeker of growth and prosperity, both today and in the future, constantly updates himself and his skills. Medical studies are not confined to traditional and traditional roles but are becoming much broader and interdisciplinary.

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