Why study MBBS at Dali University?

Why study MBBS at Dali University?

The number of Pakistani students rushing to China to study MBBS is increasing day by day. Clearly, their dreams of pursuing an MBBS degree abroad are being fulfilled by Chinese medical schools, especially Dali University. Dali is one of the best and most popular universities in China to study medicine. Dali University was founded in 2001. It is located in the famous tourist city of Dali, Yunnan, China and is a tourist-friendly destination, which is an advantage for Pakistani students studying MBBS in China at Dali University. Dali University is under the Yunnan Provincial Government and is listed by the World Health Organization and the International Directory of Medical Education.

Dali University is a large coeducational higher education institution, where students are provided with the highest education during their planned MBBS career. The University offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several fields of education. Dali University is spread over an area of 2500 mu. It has two campuses: one in Gucheng (Ancient City Campus) and one in Xiaguan (Water Lily Campus).



MBBS studies at Dali University are linked to its infrastructure and course-related facilities, as evidenced by the Dali University Hospital, the leading medical institution in Asia, which covers a total area of 8.6 hectares with 5,360 square meters of built-up area. It has 500 inpatient beds and 31 clinical departments. The hospital employs nearly 600 staff.

The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment such as a Hitachi 7180 biochemical analyzer, a Nephro Care hemodialysismachine and an Olympus hysteroscopy, which has been introduced to meet the requirements of higher medical education. In practical sessions, this hospital offers a very enriching experience to Pakistani students. Over the past decade, the hospital has successfully performed many new and complex surgeries and medical breakthroughs, including the first Test-Tube Baby (in vitro fertilization) in western Yunnan province, RF pedicel vertebral arch, treatment of spinal fractures with bone screws, total hip replacement, Cere Bello pontine angle giant electroacoustic thrombectomy and beating heart surgery.

In 2006, the hospital’s telemedicine center was launched, acting as a platform for the development of more complex subjects with high-tech equipment.


The hospital has more than 1 500 employees and 700 professors, including professors and associate professors. This rich repertoire is complemented by 15 colleges, including the College of Clinical Medicine.

In addition, there are 5 scientific research institutes, as well as an attached hospital and a Medical Research Institute.

Scientific research

Dali University also attaches great importance to scientific research and development. It has implemented 171 scientific research programs, including 9 national and provincial Natural Science Foundation programs and 21 other programs that have won provincial science awards.

The scientific research cluster has compiled 116 textbooks and published more than 3,000 publications at home and abroad. There is no doubt that Dali University is one of the best choices for Pakistani students when it comes to MBBS studies in China.



5 years of study and 1 year of internship, which can be done either at the university or in the students’ home countries.

Eligibility to study

10+2 with knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology. Admission will be on the basis of high school transcripts and NEET score card.

High School

The medium of instruction is English.

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