Why study MBBS in China?

Why study MBBS in China?

Worldwide recognition                                       

Every year, the Chinese government publishes a list of medical universities that are eligible to offer admission to foreign students for medical studies. The medical universities on this list are also included in the WHO (World Health Organization) Directory of Medical Schools, which simply means that if you obtain a medical degree from one of these universities, you will be fully eligible to sit the medical entrance tests in most countries in the world, such as the USA, the UK, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. On successful completion of the medical course, which lasts 6 years including 1 year of internship, students are awarded a Master’s degree. You can then return to Pakistan and start practicing as a doctor anywhere.

Medical education available

Affordable medical education at any of the top Chinese medical universities, which provide almost identical quality of education as the best Pakistani medical colleges, is another important reason why Pakistani students choose to study MBBS in China. Competition is so fierce that only a few students can get admission from the many applicants for medical studies. Because in Pakistan, the medical profession is the most respected profession and the earning potential is also huge. That is why students and their parents want only one thing – admission to medical college.

Easy admission procedure

In Pakistan, it is almost impossible for an average student to get into a government medical school because of the intense competition. But in China, it is easy to get into a reputable medical university. There is no entrance exam as well.

If you compare the admission criteria to medical schools in countries like Pakistan, the USA, the UK, Australia, etc., you will see that it is much easier to get into a Chinese medical school.

Low eligibility requirements

Chinese medical schools may not have very strict admission requirements, but this does not mean that they lack quality education. Medical schools approved by the Chinese government, listed in the WHO catalog, and recognized by the PMC offer high-quality, world-standard medical courses. The MBBS in China is almost the same as the top-notch Pakistani medical courses.

The teaching system in English

For international students, this is the most important factor. Chinese universities understand this very well. Therefore, the teachers who teach international students are well qualified in English and are very good at teaching and communicating expressively with students in English. Universities even often employ foreign lecturers from English-speaking countries. So if you are afraid to study MBBS in China on the assumption that you have to teach Mandarin to get admission, nothing could be further from the truth.

Creative teaching methodology

Medical science is becoming more advanced at the moment. All countries are investing heavily in medical research and studies. China is no different. China is one of the few countries that invests a significant share of its annual GDP in health and medicine. The Chinese government and companies in China fund billions of dollars every year. And to keep up with this rapid development, Chinese medical universities are also changing and developing new and creative medical education systems. MBBS students in Chinese universities are regularly exposed to the latest medical inventions, the latest research data and the most advanced medical devices and equipment.

The economic cost of living

In addition to the fact that studying medicine in China is almost 70% cheaper than studying MBBS at any private medical school in Pakistan, the overall cost of living is also surprisingly affordable for international students. Everything from hostel or apartment rent to the cost of groceries is on par with any big city in Pakistan, sometimes even cheaper depending on where you live in China. Of course, cities like Beijing or Shanghai are more expensive, but medical schools are mostly located in places where everything is affordable for international students.

Best medical universities for MBBS in China

Not all universities in China are the same, especially medical universities. The Chinese Ministry of Education classifies Chinese medical universities into A, B and C categories based on the quality of the education they offer. Therefore, if you want to study medicine in China, you should choose only A-class universities. Here we have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of only A-class medical universities in China:

Nanjing Medical University: Founded in 1934, Nanjing Medical University is one of the best medical universities in China, more commonly known as NMU. With a solid infrastructure and high-quality faculty, it offers 7 PhD programs in level 1 disciplines, 11 Misters’ programs in level 1 disciplines and 6 postdoctoral research centers. The medical university has a total of 23 schools, 23 affiliated medical institutions and hospitals, as well as more than 50 teaching hospitals in different cities in China.

Capital Medical University: This University was founded in 1960 in Beijing. World-standard medical education in English and a very high student-faculty ratio are the main features of Capital Medical University. It consists of 10 lecture schools and 1 teaching hospital. The university also has 14 hospitals as its affiliated medical institutions. It has 6 campuses across Beijing. Capital Medical University is well regarded for its contribution to Chinese medical research.

Jiangsu University: Jiangsu University was established in 2001 by the merger of 3 colleges. It is located in the city of Zhenjiang. It is the best university in China offering the most courses in English. With more than 2000 international students, Jiangsu University is one of the top choices for international students in China. With 13 postdoctoral research centres and 14 PhD degrees in Tier 1 disciplines, it is currently ranked among the top 200 universities in Asia, the top 200 BRICS universities and the top 1000 universities in the world.

China Medical University (CMU): There is another “China Medical University” in Taiwan and they should not be confused. This medical university was founded by the Chinese Communist Party in 1931. It is located in Shenyang, Liaoning. Since 1978, the MBBS programme has been taught in English to international students at this university. According to the World University Ranking, China Medical University is ranked 345th in the world, 55th among Asian universities and 10th among Chinese universities.

Jilin University Medical School: It is a B+ class medical university in China, approved by WHO and MCI. This college is located in Changchun city. This medical school has 6000 patient beds and is one of the largest attached hospital bed associations in China.

Other famous and good MBBS colleges in China are Dalian Medical University, Guangzhou Medical University, Southern Medical University, Harbin Medical University and Hebei Medical University.

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