The Cheapest MBBS in The World

The Cheapest MBBS in The World

Are you an MBBS aspirant looking for the cheapest MBBS in the world…? You must throw your research work right here…!!! Read this article carefully to know about your desired MBBS destination.

The world is witnessing remarkable growth in the field of medicine and healthcare. There is no doubt that it is the most relevant and satisfying profession. Being the savior who saves someone’s hope is a great challenge for doctors all over the world. The medical profession is just beyond serving humanity and shedding one’s feelings of love for people.

Doctors are equated with God. It is a selfless job to cure diseases. To hear words of gratitude is a treasure for doctors. How to become a doctor…? Questions that are bubbling in the minds of MBBS aspirants. You need to know about the role of doctors, their responsibilities in and outside the hospital.

There are many aspirants who want to study MBBS in Pakistan, but due to lack of government medical seats in Pakistan, students opt for private medical colleges. Financial aspect has always been a barrier between Pakistani students and medical education. Private medical education in Pakistan is very expensive and inaccessible to aspirants.

The biggest mistake made by students who are unable to raise finances is that they opt for other career options. By introducing MBBS abroad, aspiring doctors can secure their livelihood. The monetary investment in overseas medical education is comparatively less than in private medical colleges in Pakistan. A very large number of students are diverted to overseas education.

In fact, there is no cheapest MBBS in the world. Relying only on low budget colleges is not a good choice for Pakistani students, choose a college or university that offers quality education within your financial means.

Before going for MBBS abroad cost discussion about the countries. We would like to inform you about the eligibility criteria for MBBS abroad.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS Study Abroad

  • Candidate must be 18 years of age at or before the time of admission.
  • Candidate must have passed class 12th with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from a recognized Board.

MBBS Cost Comparison Abroad

Let us discuss the countries that provide medical education abroad. We will look at comparison between different countries.

MBBS in the Philippines

MBBS in Philippines is one of the destinations that host Pakistani students for MBBS studies. Pakistani students choose the Philippines because it is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. Universities and colleges follow the English curriculum. Almost all universities are recognized by the WHO, i.e. the World Health Organization. The MBBS in the Philippines takes 2+4 years.

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is also popular among MBBS applicants. Ukrainian universities are well established with amazing infrastructure. Both public and private medical universities can be found in the country. A degree obtained in Ukraine is fully recognized worldwide. Universities do not charge for medical education. The duration of the course is 5 years and 1 year of internship is compulsory. It has a temperate climate, suitable for students who can tolerate hot and humid weather.

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia is a world-class education provided on an affordable budget. The Russian government is taking the initiative in developing the level of education in the country. The government provides subsidies for education. Russian universities do not require an entrance examination for admission to medical colleges. The learning environment in colleges is in English and Russian. The local language of communication is Russian. The colleges are included in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is one of the low budget countries for MBBS abroad. Every year, many students enroll in Kyrgyz universities because of the low tuition fees. The country’s climate is generally sunny. It is characterized by a cool and continental geographical position. The local languages are Kyrgyz and Russian. Although the study program is taught in English. All colleges are approved by the PMC and WHO. The admission process to Kyrgyz universities is also straightforward and no donation is required.

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Medical universities in Kazakhstan have recently gained popularity among Pakistani students. It provides an affordable fee structure. Compared to the budget of Kyrgyz MBBS, Kazakhstan provides cheaper medical education. The weather in this country is continental, which means hot summers and cool winters. The capital Astana is the coldest city in Kazakhstan and the world after Ulaanbaatar. Pakistani students facing financial difficulties choose MBBS in Kazakhstan.

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