MBBS University Abroad

MBBS University Abroad

Studying MBBS in Pakistan is more expensive compared to abroad. This is one of the main reasons why Pakistani students go abroad to fulfill their dreams. Pakistani students do not get admission to medical college because of their marks and budget. In private colleges, the fees are very expensive, so most students cannot afford such a budget. So they can choose a foreign university as a second option abroad where the budget is very affordable. Every year so many Pakistani students take exams but only a few students are selected for government seats because there are limited seats available in government colleges for Pakistani students. The rest of the students choose private or foreign universities.

So, if your aim is to become a doctor, check which colleges abroad you can get MBBS for Pakistani students at a low cost.

MBBS abroad is quite cheaper and provides quality education. But make sure you choose the right college abroad to study.

Check and choose the best country to study MBBS for Pakistani students from this list of best countries:

1st. MBBS in Russia

If a student wants to get a quality education at a low cost, Russia is a good option for Pakistani students. There are so many medical institutions in Russia that teach the best MBBS by all means. Getting a quality education is advisable. The MBBS diploma and practical experience gained is valid all over the world. So for Pakistani students, this will be a good choice and the best country for MBBS studies.

Here are some of the prominent colleges in Russia:

  • Kabardino – Balkan State Medical University
  • Tyumen State Medical University
  • Crimean Federal University
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University
  • Altai State Medical University

2nd. MBBS in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best choices for Pakistani students to study MBBS at an affordable and cheap price. Its study is based on the USMLE model-based curriculum and the medium of instruction is English, here the minimum cost will be around 25 lakhs Pakistani Rupees. The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country after the USA and the UK.

Some of the best colleges in the Philippines are:

  • University of perpetual help system data
  • Fatima University
  • Bicol Christine Medical College
  • Lycum Northwestern University
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College
  • University of Angels Foundation

3rd. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

If you are a student and you need to get an MBBS degree abroad, then Kyrgyzstan is a good option as there are low tuition fees and you can complete an MBBS at an affordable price. The learning environment is in English.

Here are some well-known institutions:

  • OSH National University
  • International School of Medicine (ISM)
  • Jalal-Abad State Medical University
  • Asian Institute of Medicine
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA)

4th. MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Medical studies are the dream of millions of students, Aspirants can get quality education in medical colleges in Kazakhstan, it is the country that offers low tuition fees for MBBS to Pakistani students. They provide complete information about the students. Every year a large number of Pakistani students go there to study.Here are some lists of colleges in Kazakhstan:
  • National Medical University of Kazakhstan
  • Astana Medical College
  • South Kazakhstan Medical University
  • West Kazakhstan Medical University
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh State Medical University

5th. MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers a high-quality MBBS education at a low price that is affordable for every student. MBBS in Bangladesh. The cost of the study is very low compared to other countries, also the cost of living and food is very reasonable and cheaper than in other countries.

Some of the best colleges in Bangladesh are:

  • Bangladesh Medical College
  • Dhaka National Medical College
  • Popular Medical College
  • Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College
  • Sirajul Islam Medical College
  • Green life medical college
  • ZH Sikhdar Women Medical College

6th. MBBS in Georgia

MBBS Georgia is a new European destination for Pakistani students. This is due to the high-quality education and training following the American curriculum in Georgia. Most of the colleges in Georgia are approved by WHO. The cost of MBBS in Georgia is affordable for Pakistani students. Studies in Georgia are conducted in English.

The best colleges in Georgia are:

  • Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMA)
  • IvaneJavakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA)
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • Caucasus International University
  • European University
  • University of Georgia
  • David Tivildiani Medical University (DTMU)

7th. MBBS South and Central America

South and Central America is the only English-speaking country. The curriculum of all Caribbean countries are modeled on the US. This is an all-English university and the budget here will be around 40 to 50L in Pakistani currency. The Caribbean islands have a US-based education system and the curriculum follows a US-based methodology to produce world-class doctors for the country.

The following are lists of colleges:

  • Central American University of Health and Science, Belize
  • American International Medical University, Saint Lucia
  • American University of Taxila, Guyana
  • New York Medical University, Curacao
  • American University of Barbados

8th. MBBS in Egypt

Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country spanning the north-eastern corner of Africa and the south-western corner of Asia. It is the capital of Egypt and is located in Giza. Its climate is hot and cold, as in Pakistan. Medicine is taught here in four different languages – English, French, German and Arabic. Pakistani students are taught here in English. Most MBBS students study here for their residency, i.e. PG and US and UK, passing the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) and PLAB UK exams, and some students also study PG in Germany because of the German language! Here, PG studies are not only completely free, but you also receive a scholarship of between 4000 and 13000 USD, so your entire undergraduate tuition fee is paid back in full within 1 to 2 years. After medical studies in Egypt, any student can get a job in Saudi Arabia without entrance exams.

  • Egyptian Medical College:
  • Cairo University, Cairo
  • Ain Shams University, Cairo
  • Alexandria University, Egypt

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