Hunan Normal University

Home Changsha City, Hunan Province, China Clinical Medicine (MBBS) 5 Years + 1 Year Internship Founded in 1938, Hunan Normal University enjoys a history of 80 years. It is also one of the leading universities building under the national 211 project and “Double First-Class Strategic Plan”. Hunan Normal University puts stress on fundamental and quality […]

The Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad for Your Career

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Pursuing a career in medicine is a noble and fulfilling path, and studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) abroad can offer numerous advantages to aspiring doctors. In recent years, an increasing number of students have been drawn to the idea of studying medicine in foreign countries due to the unique opportunities and benefits […]

MBBS Admission in China

Today, medical education in China has reached great heights and there are many people studying MBBS in China. In fact, all local and foreign students return to China to complete MBBS programs and become qualified doctors. There are now several medical universities promoting medical education together with several different institutions. The Chinese culture has been […]

Why Choose China for MBBS – Eligibility for Pakistani Students

Why Choose China for MBBS – Eligibility for Pakistani Students Duration of MBBS in China for Pakistani Students The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years. Students can choose the best college for clinical universities in China depending on the classrooms available in the college and the cost of the course. The basic duration […]

MBBS Merits in Kazakhstan – An Exclusive Opportunity For Pakistani Students

MBBS in Kazakhstan can be a huge relief for students who want to study MBBS abroad but are afraid to do so because of the high tuition fees. Kazakhstan offers medical education at fair and affordable prices that are acceptable to students from all over the world. It is not possible for every student to […]

MBBS University Abroad

Studying MBBS in Pakistan is more expensive compared to abroad. This is one of the main reasons why Pakistani students go abroad to fulfill their dreams. Pakistani students do not get admission to medical college because of their marks and budget. In private colleges, the fees are very expensive, so most students cannot afford such […]

Best Medical Universities For MBBS in China

Not all universities in China are the same, especially medical universities. The Chinese Ministry of Education classifies Chinese medical universities into A, B and C categories based on the quality of the education they offer. Therefore, if you want to study medicine in China, you should choose only A-class universities. Here we have done the […]

Can Foreign Students Work While Studying in China?

Students always want to find ways to earn while studying abroad to reduce the financial burden on their parents. In the past, students who chose to study MBBS in China also wanted to work legally during their studies, which was not possible before. However, the situation has now changed and the Chinese government has taken […]

Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

If you are planning to study MBBS in China, you can apply to study in China. The culture, food, and education attract students from all over the world. Here are some points you can look out for before applying for admission. Eligibility for a medical license According to the source, there are 45 medical universities […]

The Cheapest MBBS in The World

Are you an MBBS aspirant looking for the cheapest MBBS in the world…? You must throw your research work right here…!!! Read this article carefully to know about your desired MBBS destination. The world is witnessing remarkable growth in the field of medicine and healthcare. There is no doubt that it is the most relevant […]

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