Top 5 Ranked Chinese Universities

China is known as a world power. In addition to strengthening its economy, China has made great strides to raise the level of education in the country with a number of world-renowned top Chinese universities. With unlimited opportunities, scholarships, an innovative education system and a promising student experience, China’s reputation in international education has grown […]

Top Medical Universities in Russia

There are more than 50+ universities in the Russian Federation offering world-class medical education. The QS World Rankings list of the world’s top 100 foreign medical universities includes 30 Russian universities. Therefore, it can be argued that in addition to the low MBBS fees, universities in Russia also offer high-quality and recognised medical education. When […]

How Does MBBS in Russia Contribute to The Development of 21st-century Skills?

The needs of the times have changed again and again. With each passing year and decade, there are new demands for skills and qualities, which become a competition of societal demand. It is believed that those who possess these skills and qualities not only have an edge in employment but also have the potential for […]

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

While MBBS admission in Russia is certainly a benefit for Pakistani students for a number of reasons, there are some disadvantages it can offer students. One of the most important aspects here is the choice of university. Students should be very careful when choosing which university to study MBBS in Russia, as this is one […]

Cost of MBBS in Russia

Russia is a familiar name for Pakistanis, especially students hoping to pursue higher education or research abroad. Recently, Russian medical universities have seen a large influx of young students from Pakistan every year. MBBS in Russia is one of the most popular offers for Pakistani students wishing to study MBBS abroad. The country is well […]

Student Life in Russia

Russia is a grand name in itself for anyone seeking to discover a whole new meaning in life. There are a number of facts about the country that are easy to learn, and which can continue to surprise even years later. Whether in terms of tradition, culture, research, or any kind of progressive practice, this […]

MBBS University Abroad

One of the most common points of consideration for any student wishing to study an MBBS abroad is finding the right university. Out of more than 25 countries in the world, finding the country where you want to study MBBS is a difficult task. But finding the best university abroad to study MBBS can be […]

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia

Medical education abroad has been an optimistic choice for thousands of Pakistani students who, despite working hard day and night, are unfortunately unable to get an MBBS seat in any government medical university in the country. The beleaguered students are often burdened with exorbitant and hidden fees to study in private Pakistani colleges to fulfill […]

Study MBBS in Russia

Over the past few years, MBBS in Russia has become a popular choice for Pakistani students looking to pursue their medical education abroad. With more than 8000+ students travelling to Russia to study medicine, the number has increased drastically and it has become the most popular choice not only in Pakistan but also abroad. Before […]

How to Choose the Best Medical University for MBBS Abroad?

How to Choose the Best Medical University for MBBS Abroad? The Ultimate Solutions!!! There are many advantages to studying an MBBS abroad. It is important to decide on what parameters will determine your decision to choose the best medical universities abroad for MBBS studies. Below are the factors that will help you choose the best […]

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